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Did you Know you could hurt your self with that Free Will. Here let me take that from you..

Who is using guns for suicide?

Public Release: 26-Apr-2018   Boston University School of Medicine (Boston)–The average profile of an American using a gun for suicide is a married, white male over the age of 50 who is experiencing deteriorating health. “Gun suicides may be preventable particularly among older men who are being treated […]

New app could make cannabis use safer

Public Release: 24-Apr-2018 ‘Am I Stoned’ app designed to help users understand their impairment Experimental Biology 2018 IMAGE: A test of tapping speed helps app users assess their level of impairment from marijuana use. Credit: Harriet de Wit Although cannabis, also known as marijuana, has been shown to […]

Is it time to abandon the Nobel Prize?

Public Release: 16-Apr-2018 De Gruyter In a commentary piece published in De Gruyter’s journal Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, authors Clare Fiala and Eleftherios P. Diamandis spawned a debate now further nourished by recent disclosures. Fiala and Diamandis argue that it is time to abandon the Nobel Prize […]

Modern humans interbred with Denisovans twice in history

Public Release: 15-Mar-2018 Cell Press IMAGE: This graphical abstract shows two waves of Denisovan ancestry have shaped present-day humans. Credit: Browning et al./Cell Modern humans co-existed and interbred not only with Neanderthals, but also with another species of archaic humans, the mysterious Denisovans. While developing a new genome-analysis […]

Can pursuing happiness make you unhappy?

Public Release: 12-Mar-2018   Researchers show that aiming to achieve happiness can affect your perception of time Springer People generally like to feel happy, but achieving a state of happiness takes time and effort. Researchers have now found that people who pursue happiness often feel like they do […]

On Twitter, false news travels faster than true stories

Public Release: 8-Mar-2018 Research project finds humans, not bots, are primarily responsible for spread of misleading information Massachusetts Institute of Technology Caption Pictured (left to right): Seated, Soroush Vosoughi, a postdoc at the Media Lab’s Laboratory for Social Machines; Sinan Aral, the David Austin Professor of Management at […]

Our reactions to odor reveal our political attitudes

Public Release: 27-Feb-2018   Stockholm University   IMAGE: These are researchers at the smell laboratory at Stockholm university. Jonas Olofsson standing. Credit: Niklas Björling People who are easily disgusted by body odours are also drawn to authoritarian political leaders. A survey showed a strong connection between supporting a […]

Super wood could replace steel

Public Release: 7-Feb-2018   New process could make wood as strong as titanium alloys but lighter & cheaper University of Maryland   Caption Liangbing Hu, left, and Teng Li, right, are engineers at the University of Maryland, College Park who have found a way to make wood more […]

Music really is a universal language

Public Release: 25-Jan-2018   Cell Press Every culture enjoys music and song, and those songs serve many different purposes: accompanying a dance, soothing an infant, or expressing love. Now, after analyzing recordings from all around the world, researchers reporting in Current Biology on January 25 show that vocal […]

Army researchers make explosive discovery

Public Release: 18-Jan-2018   U.S. Army Research Laboratory IMAGE: Diaminoglyoxime is shown in the foreground, following filtration and drying from the reaction mixture. In the background, DAG is being synthesized in a pair of 500 gram scales. Credit: Photo courtesy Eric C. Johnson ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. (Jan. […]

Social Engineering with Twitter Bots

Public Release: 22-Sep-2017 Twitter bots for good: USC ISI study reveals how information spreads on social media Study co-authored by USC ISI highlights how positive behaviors are reinforced on social networks University of Southern California After an election year marked by heated exchanges and the distribution of fake […]