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Did you Know you could hurt your self with that Free Will. Here let me take that from you..

America, the Law-crazed –

* Ralphs Note – Outside stressors play a huge role on health. It is not about taking political sides, but what causes some people to live in constant low grade fear. Laws seem like they were originally intended to alleviate that fear of eachother as citizens. Now it […]

London Mayor Boris Johnson admits paying cash ‘a lot’ after minister says families who settle bills cash-in-hand are as bad as tax avoiders

Tory minister David Gauke said he disapproves of the practice He said non-taxed house services such as plumbing, cleaning and gardening is ‘a large part of the hidden economy’ Labour MP John Mann, accused the Treasury of operating ‘double  standards’ by threatening ordinary people while they let corporate […]

Dangerous caregivers for elderly

Agencies place unqualified, possibly criminal caregivers in homes of vulnerable seniors CHICAGO — If you hire a caregiver from an agency for an elderly family member, you might assume the person had undergone a thorough criminal background check and drug testing, was experienced and trained for the job. […]

In the Age of Anxiety, are we all mentally ill?

NEW YORK (Reuters) – When Cynthia Craig was diagnosed with postpartum depression eight years ago, she told her family doctor she felt anxious about motherhood. She wondered whether she had made a catastrophic mistake by quitting her job, whether she could cope with the long, lonely hours stay-at-home […]

Overdiagnosis poses significant threat to human health

International conference: Preventing Overdiagnosis Overdiagnosis poses a significant threat to human health by labeling healthy people as sick and wasting resources on unnecessary care, warns Ray Moynihan, Senior Research Fellow at Bond University in Australia, in a feature published on today. The feature comes as an international […]