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Donetsk republic to get down to resolving its social, economic, defense problems – Military bases either change sides or be considered occupation troops

May 13, 7:34 UTC+4 “We are planning an appeal to the UN for declaring us a sovereign state but we don’t hope to get a positive answer”, co-chairman of the DPR Denis Pushilin say © ИТАР-ТАСС/ Константин Сазончик MOSCOW, May 13. /ITAR-TASS/. Following Sunday’s referendum on the future […]

Right Sector leader: Kiev should be ready to sabotage Russian pipelines in Ukraine

Edited time: March 16, 2014 16:03                                                                              Dmytro Yarosh.(Reuters / David Mdzinarishvili) The leader of ultranationalist group Right Sector, Dmitry Yarosh, has threatened to destroy Russian pipelines on Ukrainian territory if a diplomatic solution is not reached with Moscow. In a fiery address loaded warmongering rhetoric, Yarosh told his  […]

Tensions rise as Ukraine’s military hardware pulls up to eastern border with Russia

Published time: March 16, 2014 21:30                                                                             Ukrainian tanks take part in a military exercise near Kharkiv March 14, 2014 (Reuters / Stringer) Ukrainian heavy military equipment, including armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles are heading towards the Russian border, while the eastern regions of Donetsk and […]

Warning shots fired to turn monitors back from Crimea

KIEV/SEVASTOPOL, Ukraine (Reuters) – Warning shots were fired to prevent an unarmed international military observer mission from entering Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea on Saturday, as new confrontations between Russian and Ukrainian troops raised tension ever higher. Russia’s seizure of the Black Sea peninsula, which began about 10 days ago, […]

Kiev agitators ‘trained in Poland’ claims Putin

04.03.2014 16:09 President Putin claimed on Tuesday that “well prepared” and organized protesters in Kiev who brought down the Yanukovych regime were “trained in Poland and Lithuania”. In his first in-depth comments since the Russian parliament gave the green light for military action in Ukraine on Saturday, Vladimir […]

Pro Russia troops take over ferry terminal in Crimea

EEV: The Russian Tank Columns now have clear access to fortify Crimea. This move signals the clear intention to escalate the occupation. It is now probable Russian Troop Columns in the Zaporozhye region will connect unopposed. #1″Russia puts forces in Ukraine In the Zaporozhye region moves a column of Russian troops . As […]

Movement of Russian armored vehicles in Crimea fully complies with agreements – Foreign Ministry

Published time: February 28, 2014 13:28   15:29                                                                             Russian military vessels are anchored at a navy base in the Ukrainian Black Sea port of Sevastopol, Crimea, February 27, 2014 (Reuters) The movements of the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s armored vehicles in Ukraine’s Autonomous Republic of Crimea are in […]

Is Russia plotting to send in the army to annex Crimea? Former Kremlin adviser warns Ukrainian port of Sebastopol could be targeted within the next week

Move would be similar to Nazi Germany’s takeover of Austria Vladimir Putin is sweeping aside Western warnings and preparing troops Dmitry Medvedev said he did recognise new authorities in Kiev Came after unconfirmed claims that ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych was under Russian military guard By Will Stewart […]

‘Revolution!’ Thousands pour in for pro-EU rally in Ukraine, storm govt buildings

Published time: December 01, 2013 10:09 Thousands of demonstrators chanting ‘Revolution!’ have flocked into ‘Maidan’ square in Kiev despite a court-imposed ban on rallies. The protesters have reportedly taken several government buildings. Follow RT’s LIVE UPDATES on protests in Kiev. Chanting protesters displaced metal barriers that were installed  […]