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RUSSIA: Russia has the right to send troops to Ukraine for the protection of the BLACK SEA FLEET

 –  He can save himself. He may invite our army <…> because the Ukrainian army is dysfunctional, “said Zhirinovsky.

ЛДПР: Россия имеет право направить войска на Украину для охраны ЧФ
15:33, February 24, 2014

Photo: Ria Novosti, Vladimir Fedorenko

Vladimir Zhirinovsky believes that Russia to lawful and in accordance with international law could send troops to Ukraine for the protection of the Black Sea fleet at the request of the incumbent President, he told a news conference in the State Duma on February 24.

“On site (Viktor) Yanukovych I’d reached an agreement with leaders of the South-Eastern regions of Ukraine asked Russia to provide security measures for him and declare that he is the current President. Yanukovych could well recover. He is already President of the Ukraine’s big, but it may bring the case before the election to May 25. He can save himself. He may invite our army <…> because the Ukrainian army is dysfunctional, “said Zhirinovsky.

He underlined that Verkhovna Rada Speaker Oleksandr Turchynov was appointed Acting President of Ukraine, is an impostor, and Yanukovych is the only legitimate the current President.

“If we use our military force at the request of Yanukovych, it is fully consistent with international law. We have the right to dispatch troops for the protection of the Black Sea fleet. Yanukovych is the legitimate President. It must be in the Ukraine, and he has the right to ask for help. For example, to sign a contract with Russia’s support, “said Zhirinovsky.

He also said that RUSSIA is ready to send, if necessary, to the South-East of Ukraine groups of volunteers, ready to provide them with any support.

Last Friday in Kiev held negotiations on resolving the conflict in Ukraine. At the meeting it was decided to initial an agreement to resolve the political crisis in the country. After the document was signed by President Viktor Yanukovych and opposition leaders. On Saturday, the Parliament changed the Constitution, by its regulation was replaced by the leadership of the Parliament, Interior Ministry, Defense Ministry and the security service of Ukraine. In Saturday’s interview was distributed to journalists in Kharkiv, in which he said that remains the legitimately elected head of State and the resignation was not preparing to leave, and the country has all the signs of a coup d ‘ état. Yanukovych also said that the decision, which now takes the Verkhovna Rada, “illegal”. The deputies also adopted a decree to exempt from criminal punishment, the country’s former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. 22 February, she released. On Sunday, Parliament voted in favour of the resolution on the transfer of authority of the President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turčinovu-speaker before the presidential elections on May 25.

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