Russia’s Foreign Ministry: Threats of US Secretary of State against Russia unacceptable

March 03, 18:45   MOSCOW

“If Ukraine is only a territory of geopolitical games for certain Western politicians, this is the brotherly country for us,” the ministry said

ITAR-TASS/Boris Kavashkin

MOSCOW, March 03. /ITAR-TASS/. Moscow considers US Secretary of State John Kerry’s threats against Russia due to the latest events in Ukraine unacceptable, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported on Monday.


“By ignoring any attempts to study difficult processes in the Ukrainian society and to assess the situation, which continues to deteriorate after radicals seized power in Kiev by force the US Secretary of State uses ‘the Cold War’ clichés and proposes to punish the Russian Federation and not who committed a coup d’état,” the ministry said.


It’s the USA and their allies that closed the eyes to Maidan’s rioters and their abuse against political opponents and ordinary citizens, and the arrogant propaganda of Russophobia and anti-Semitism. “Washington ignored the fact that the newly emerged Kiev regime trampled down the February 21 agreement signed by the foreign ministers of Germany, France and Poland, created a ‘government of winners’ and declared war to the Russian language. Real neo-Nazi, who destroyed Orthodox churches and synagogues, are among the West’s allies,” the ministry said.

Russia’s position was and remains consistent and open. “If Ukraine is only a territory of geopolitical games for certain Western politicians, this is the brotherly country for us,” the ministry said.

“Russia wants Ukraine to be stable and strong where legal rights and interests are granted. When the life and security of Crimean residents and south-eastern regions are posed a threat due to irresponsible and provocative actions by ultranationalist elements Russia’s measures are adequate and absolutely legitimate. We call for settling the situation based on the February 21 agreement, including the formation of a legitimate government of national unity with the involvement of all political forces and regions of the country,” the ministry said.

In an interview with CBS, ABC and NBC on March 2, Kerry said Russia’s actions on Ukraine would have very serious consequences for the country.

The West can finally discuss a possibility to impose sanctions against Russia such as visa ban and assets freeze, and different trade restrictions. Kerry said Russia had no chances to hold the G8 summit in case of Russia’s military intervention. This will be one of the measures that the West is ready to take, the US Secretary of State said.

However, he stressed that US President Barack Obama and the US Administration sought to settle disagreements with Russia by peaceful means and did not want to return to the Cold War.

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