Russian soldiers training in Canada given 24 hours to leave country ( 9 Soldiers but Symbolic )

Andrea Janus,
Updated Thursday, March 6, 2014 10:34PM EST

Nine Russian soldiers who were participating in military exercises in Canada have been expelled from the country, as Ottawa continues to denounce Russia’s military intervention in Crimea, CTV News has learned.

A government source confirmed that the soldiers were informed Thursday afternoon that they had 24 hours to leave Canada.

Six of the soldiers were in Saint-Jean, Que., where they were leaning English and French. Another two soldiers were participating in a training program at CFB Gagetown, and the ninth soldier was teaching Canadian soldiers Russian in Gatineau, Que.

The move comes days after Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that all planned bilateral activities between the Canadian Armed Forces and the military of the Russian Federation are suspended, including exercises such as NORAD’s Exercise Vigilant Eagle.

On Thursday, Harper said the government would not recognize the results of a referendum in Crimea on whether to join Russia because the region is “currently under illegal military occupation.”

Lawmakers in Crimea voted unanimously Thursday to leave Ukraine and join Russia. They have scheduled a referendum for March 16 so voters can weigh in on the decision.

The vote was denounced by the international community. In his statement, Harper once again criticized Russia’s incursion into the Crimean peninsula as “an act of aggression, a clear violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty, and of international law.

“Canada will not recognize a referendum held in a region currently under illegal military occupation. We will continue to view the situation in Ukraine with the gravest concern and will continue to cooperate closely with our G-7 partners and like-minded allies,” the prime minister said in a statement.

Later, after question period, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said “you can’t have a valid referendum in 10 days.”

“It’s unacceptable and it’s wrong and we won’t recognize it,” he told reporters in the foyer of the House of Commons.

The international community has been grappling with how to respond to Russia’s decision last weekend to move troops into Crimea in what Russian President Vladimir Putin described as a strategic move to protect both military interests and Russian-speakers in the region. World leaders and diplomats decried his rationale and weighed options for a response.

On Wednesday, Harper announced that Canada will send two representatives to join an international military observer mission to Crimea, as well as freeze assets of members of former president Viktor Yanukovych’s regime.

He also said Canada is suspending its participation in a joint commission to promote economic co-operation between the two countries, and is considering what financial aid it can offer to Ukraine.

On Thursday, Ukraine’s interim prime minister called the vote by Crimea’s lawmakers illegitimate, and a European Union official suggested that the West would not recognize the referendum’s result.

“This is our response to the disorder and lawlessness in Kyiv,” said Sergei Shuvainikov, a member of the Crimean legislature. “We will decide our future ourselves.”

Crimean voters will be given the option of voting “yes” or “no” to joining Russia, or of choosing a third option to remain part of Ukraine but with “enhanced powers.”

Russia says if Crimean voters elect to join Russia, legislation would be introduced to speed up the process.

Baird said Canada will continue to work with “friends and like-minded allies” to get Russia to reverse course.

When asked about concerns of right-wing elements in the interim Ukrainian government, Baird said Canada is encouraging the new government “to be fully representative of the diversity of the whole country.”

“I raised Canada’s concern about anti-Semitism, and said that all political leaders, whether they be in government or in opposition, should try to build a pluralistic Ukraine.”

With a report by CTV’s Ottawa deputy bureau chief Laurie Graham and files from The Associated Press

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  1. Thank you, Blessed B. for straightening that out for us.


    • You’re welcome upaces. I just can’t see this happening….. I’m beginning to wonder WTF is going on here. I know for a fact that Harper and Putin are close and Harper wouldn’t be talking to him unless they were close…nor would we be sending 5000 head of cattle to Russia to slaughter to help out in Ukraine.

      Then this type of journalism is being done which is astounding as CTV and CBC , along with Global are all liberal news sources….they have taken bits and pieces of Sound bites and such…but it doesn’t coincide with what my inside Gov’t. source is saying.

      ….. I’m baffled…. If I can find this information….then I’m sure the Harper Gov’t. is aware of it also…. unless they are putting up a smoke screen for some reason and just playing along saying they will do this or that….

      It’s not usual that they would do this though…..


  2. From my inside gov’t. source…..this is not true. There are approx. 300 Russian soldiers in Canada who are training with Canada’s soldiers.

    Also…. this has not been reported on any other news network in Canada! I have been scouring the news for any tidbits on this and have come up empty! One would think that all the News broadcasts would have reported on this!

    Canada hasn’t even deported the Russian ambassador! Why would we deport only nine Russian soldiers?

    Has anyone even thought that those soldier’s time here was just up and they were to go home anyways? We didn’t send them back! If we did then they would have been arrested , taken into custody and Russia would have had to send a transport plane for them. They would not have gone on a commercial airflight!

    PM Harper is still talking with Putin. Canada has been asked to be present at the voting stations in Crimea along with seven other countries to see that voting is done in a democratic way. Counting of the votes will not be done by Russia. So…there will be no jerry-rigging of the election, as Veronica says.

    PM Harper is still talking with Putin…..

    Here is some other information that I think folks should know about…..
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    ~ be careful where you get information from…. all of Canada’s news is biased liberal sided…except for Sun News Network!~


  3. This looks like a ‘done deal’ to most of the world – Putin is not going to step back from this – he will just jerry-rig the ‘election’ to achieve his goal of taking back the Crimea and to hell with everybody – then watch out in a couple of years for the next region (Belarus?) that was lost to them. He hates Nato, the West, UN, anyone not in favor of the old USSR, which is what he wants BACK please ! Except he is a crafty manipulative piece of s*** so will just do it his way. Every other country thought we had arrived at a consensus of stability and now he is showing us that is NOT what he will accept. Just get him with a change of energy policy – that is the only thing that will hurt him, but it will have to be slowly since it will be difficult. Throw them out of the G8 first !


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