Right Sector leader: Kiev should be ready to sabotage Russian pipelines in Ukraine

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Dmytro Yarosh.(Reuters / David Mdzinarishvili)Dmytro Yarosh.(Reuters / David Mdzinarishvili)

The leader of ultranationalist group Right Sector, Dmitry Yarosh, has threatened to destroy Russian pipelines on Ukrainian territory if a diplomatic solution is not reached with Moscow.

In a fiery address loaded warmongering rhetoric, Yarosh told his  followers they should be ready to resist the Russian   “occupiers.” The leader of the Right Sector made his  address to the coup-appointed government in Kiev, as Crimeans  made their way to ballots Sunday to vote to join with Russia or to remain  within Ukraine.

“We cannot allow the enemy to carry out a blitzkrieg attack  on Ukrainian territory. We mustn’t forget that Russia makes money  sending its oil through our pipelines to the West. We will  destroy these pipelines and deprive our enemy of its source of  income,” Yarosh said.

Continuing the bellicose rhetoric, Yarosh appealed to his  followers, urging them to take up arms against Russia, if a  diplomatic solution cannot be reached.

Yarosh said that Crimea was too small to satisfy the appetite of  the “Russian Empire,” and that the Kremlin would seek to take  over the whole of Ukraine.

“Let the ground burn under the feet of the occupiers! Let  them choke on their own blood when they attack our territory! Not  one step back! We will not allow Moscow’s beserk, totalitarian  regime to spark a Third World War!”

The phrase “Not one step back!” was used in a famous  order by Joseph Stalin during WWII and became a popular slogan  for the Soviet people’s resistance against the Nazis. Yarosh’s  use of this particular rhetoric attracted attention from many  observers, given that the members of his Right Sector group are  known to use Nazi insignia.

Russia put Yarosh on an international wanted list and charged him with inciting  terrorism after he urged Chechen terrorist leader Doku Umarov to launch  attacks on Russia over the Ukrainian conflict.

Yarosh has declared his intentions of running for Ukrainian  president in May.

The Right Sector movement, an amalgamation of several far-right  groups, was formed in November 2013.

Members of the radical movement were very active in the violence which triggered the ouster of  President Viktor Yanukovich. The Right Sector refused to  recognize the Feb. 21 agreement between Yanukovich and the  opposition leaders, and declared that they would fight him until  his ouster.

Right Sector’s fighters used clubs, petrol bombs and firearms  against the Ukrainian police. Even after the coup, some members  of the movement continued to use rifles and pistols.

Last week, a proposal was submitted to the Ukrainian parliament,  suggesting that Right Sector be transformed into a regular unit  of the armed forces.


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