Glenn Greenwald working on new NSA revelations ( May release info on Washington’s assassination program )

Sunday Sep 29, 2013   |   The Associated Press

Journalist Greenwald, other top investigative reporter, team up for project on NSA

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Two American journalists known for their investigations of the U.S. government say they’ve teamed up to report on the National Security Agency’s role in Washington’s assassination program.

The Nation contributor Jeremy Scahill says he’s now working with Glenn Greenwald, the Rio de Janeiro-based journalist who has written stories about U.S. surveillance programs based on documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

Scahill is the author of “Dirty Wars,” about the assassinations program.

He said their joint project focuses “how the National Security Agency plays a significant, central role on the U.S. assassination program,” but didn’t provide many other details.

Scahill and Greenwald were speaking Saturday to moviegoers in Rio, where the documentary based on “Dirty Wars” made its Latin American debut at the Rio Film Festival.

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