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The documents that alleged Pierre Omidyar co-funded Ukraine revolution groups with US government

Original Source : Pando By Mark Ames On February 28, 2014 EEV WordPress PDF LINK: For non formatted documentation 209847085-09-09-2013-Chesno-2012-Finance-Campain-Final Окремі напрямки роботи в рамках кампанія «Фільтруй Раду!» очолювали ініціатори руху:

NSA and GCHQ unlock encryption used to protect emails, banking and medical records • $250m-a-year US program works covertly with tech companies to insert weaknesses into products • Security experts say programs ‘undermine the fabric of the internet’

US and UK spy agencies defeat privacy and security on the internet James Ball, Julian Borger and Glenn Greenwald The Guardian,   Thursday 5 September 2013 15.00 EDT Through covert partnerships with tech companies, the spy agencies have inserted secret vulnerabilities into… Read More ›

Greenwald: Snowden has enough information to cause US govt ‘worst damage in history’

Published time: July 13, 2013 20:09  Edited time: July 14, 2013 13:33                                                                             AFP Photo / Vasily Maximov Former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden possesses dangerous information which could potentially lead to America’s “worst nightmare” if it is revealed, according… Read More ›