Intelligence Gathering

DARPA developing ultimate web search engine to police the internet

  Published time: February 12, 2014 22:35                                                                             Reuters / Umit Bektas ​The Pentagon’s research arm that fosters futuristic technology for the military will soon begin working to surpass current abilities of commercial web search engines. Yet, once it masters… Read More ›

​‘Elite’ hacking operation ‘The Mask’ targeted govts, diplomats for 7 years

Published time: February 10, 2014 23:05                                                                               Image by Kaspersky Labs Researchers recently detected a highly sophisticated cyber spying operation, active since 2007, that targeted governments, diplomats, and embassies before it was razed last month. Kaspersky Labs in Russia identified the… Read More ›

US govt struck deal with Mexican drug cartel in exchange for info – report

– US government had a deal with Mexican drug cartel Sinaloa that allowed the group to smuggle billion of dollars of drugs in return for information on its rival cartels Published time: January 14, 2014 01:20                                                                             Reuters / Susana… Read More ›