163rd Health Research Report Synopsis 07 SEP 2013


Health Research Report

163rd Issue Date 7 SEP 2013

Compiled By Ralph Turchiano


In this issue:

  1. Four or more cups of coffee a day may keep prostate cancer recurrence and progression away
  2. Broccoli could be key in the fight against osteoarthritis
  3. Potential diagnostic marker for zinc status offers insights into the effects of zinc deficiency
  4. Doubling the daily allowance of protein intake with diet and exercise protects muscle loss
  5. Oral nutritional supplements demonstrate significant health and cost benefits
  6. 1 in 4 has alarmingly few intestinal bacteria
  7. Aging really is ‘in your head’
  8. Exercise may reduce the risk of epilepsy later in life for men
  9. Antioxidant effect of resveratrol in the treatment of vascular dementia

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