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Brain regeneration with Astaxanthin

Brain regeneration with Astaxanthin We review the recent research ” Benefits of Taking the Natural Pigment Astaxanthin ” . Where scientists show that Astaxanthin is capable of inducing neurogenesis as well as being neuroprotective . * Astaxanthin Supplementation Enhances Adult… Read More ›

Health News for 8 FEB 2016 (Beta)

Health News for 8 FEB 2016:1.Organic agriculture key to feeding the world sustainably2.Why your muscles get less sore as you stick with your gym routine3.Cell culture experiments reveal potent antiviral activity of Cistus incanus extracts against HIV and Ebola 1.

A Cure for Sepsis ?

  Highlights: – discovered that a single bolus of vitamin C injected early at the time of induction of sepsis, prevents capillary plugging. He has also found that a delayed bolus injection of vitamin C can  reverse plugging by restoring… Read More ›

Health Research Report 10 JUN 2013

Topics: Vitamin C found to kill Tuberculosis:including MDR-TB, XDR-TB by fenton reaction Statins prevent exercise benefits and erode skeletal muscle mitochondria Phosphatidyl Serine improve Familial Dysautonomia, Parkinsons, and IKAP protein LED lights shown to cause Blindness

Health Research Report 10 May 2013

Topics: Magnesium more Important than Calcium for Bones Chalk, Glue and Paper may trigger milk allergies Sucking on your childs pacifier may prevent children from developing allergies Cholesterol Drugs (Statins) Proven to Mutate Brain Neurons, Damaging Memory