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Brain regeneration with Astaxanthin

Brain regeneration with Astaxanthin We review the recent research ” Benefits of Taking the Natural Pigment Astaxanthin ” . Where scientists show that Astaxanthin is capable of inducing neurogenesis as well as being neuroprotective . * Astaxanthin Supplementation Enhances Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis and Spatial Memory in Mice.

Health News for 8 FEB 2016 (Beta)

Health News for 8 FEB 2016:1.Organic agriculture key to feeding the world sustainably2.Why your muscles get less sore as you stick with your gym routine3.Cell culture experiments reveal potent antiviral activity of Cistus incanus extracts against HIV and Ebola 1.

A Cure for Sepsis ?

  Highlights: – discovered that a single bolus of vitamin C injected early at the time of induction of sepsis, prevents capillary plugging. He has also found that a delayed bolus injection of vitamin C can  reverse plugging by restoring blood flow in previously plugged capillaries – found […]

Video Health Research Report 27 JAN 2014

Topics: Mouthwash is a Disaster for health Raises Blood Pressure and Stroke Risk * Journal of Free Radical Biology and Medicine JAN 2014 Fever Reducing Medications increase virus activity/load and transmission * Proceedings of Royal Society B Today JAN 2014 Medical Treatments now 3rd leading cause of death […]

Listing of the Most Controversial Posts as of 27 NOV 2013

As requested we have posted the list in preparation for archiving: ‘Assassination market’: Bernanke tops ‘kill-list’ in crowd-sourced bitcoin fundraiser for wannabe hitmen Current Black Market Prices for People and Organs Dangerous experiment in fetal engineering Hackers publish CIA Director Brennan’s financial records Hackers release financial records for […]

167th Health Research Report 01 NOV 2013

  167 Health Research Report WHITE PAPER /ROUGH COPY 167th Issue Date 01 NOV 2013 Compiled By Ralph Turchiano   In this Issue: ·        Coffee consumption reduces risk of liver cancer ·        How does ursolic acid induce neural regeneration after sciatic nerve injury? ·        Potential […]

Health Research Report 28 OCT 2013 ( Video )

  Topics: Walking Corpse trigger found ( Cotard’s Syndrome ) It’s a Cold Sore Cream * Journal of the Neurological Sciences Oct 2013 Compound derived from vegetables shields from lethal radiation doses * Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences Oct 2013 Virtually numbed: Immersive video gaming alters […]

Health Research Report 30 SEP 2013

Topics: Melatonin consumption shown to help increase metabolism /Burn fat * Journal of Pineal Research : 26 SEP 2013 Multiple Sclerosis reversed in 100% of animals using Calcitriol & ongoing Vitamin D Sup * Journal of Neuroimmunology : Online August addition

Video – Health Research Reports 9 SEP 2013

Topics: Arginine performs as well as established drugs for Diabetes * American Scientific journal Enocrinology Sep 2013 Nutritional Supplements reduce hospital stays by 21% * American Journal of Managed Care Sep 2013 Sirtuin in the brain delays the process of aging * Cell Metabolism Sep 2013 H1N2 influenza […]

161st Health Research Report 10 AUG 2013 – Synopsis      In this issue: 1.       Plant-Based Compound May Inhibit HIV Infection, Research Shows 2.       Methamphetamine increases susceptibility to deadly fungal infection 3.       Exercise May be the Best Medicine for Alzheimer’s 4.       Study finds evidence of nerve damage in around half of fibromyalgia patients 5.       Blocking sugar […]

Health Research Report 29 JUL 2013

Topics: DHA for Chronic Pain – Annal of Neurology Vitamins and Minerals as an alternative psychiatric medications – 2013 IFT Ginkgo Biloba Extract for Effectively treats Vascular Dementia – Neural Regeneration Research V8 N18 2013 BPA – Damages Teeth Enamel  – AJP BPA- Causes Obesity in Puberty age […]

158th Health Research Report Synopsis 28 JUN 2013

Posted at  Health Research Report 158th Issue Date 28 JUN 2013 Compiled By Ralph Turchiano  In this Issue: Dietary supplement linked to increased muscle mass in the elderly Vitamin D supplementation may delay precocious puberty in girls Artificial Sweetener a Potential Treatment for […]

Health Research Report 10 JUN 2013

Topics: Vitamin C found to kill Tuberculosis:including MDR-TB, XDR-TB by fenton reaction Statins prevent exercise benefits and erode skeletal muscle mitochondria Phosphatidyl Serine improve Familial Dysautonomia, Parkinsons, and IKAP protein LED lights shown to cause Blindness

Health Research Report 156 1 JUN 2013 (Synopsis)

  In this issue: 1.   Coffee consumption associated with reduced risk of autoimmune liver disease 2.   Ginger compounds may be effective in treating asthma symptoms 3.   The compound in the Mediterranean diet that makes cancer cells ‘mortal’ 4.   Study finds vitamin C can kill drug-resistant TB 5.   Common […]

Health Research Report 10 May 2013

Topics: Magnesium more Important than Calcium for Bones Chalk, Glue and Paper may trigger milk allergies Sucking on your childs pacifier may prevent children from developing allergies Cholesterol Drugs (Statins) Proven to Mutate Brain Neurons, Damaging Memory

154th Health Research Report 3 May 2013 – Synopsis

In this issue: Painkillers taken before marathons linked to potentially serious side effects Grape intake may protect against metabolic syndrome-related organ damage 40 percent of parents give young kids cough/cold medicine that they shouldn’t Vitamin E identified as potential weapon against obesity Quit smoking? Vitamin E may give […]