Brain regeneration with Astaxanthin

Brain regeneration with Astaxanthin We review the recent research ” Benefits of Taking the Natural Pigment Astaxanthin ” . Where scientists show that Astaxanthin is capable of inducing neurogenesis as well as being neuroprotective . * Astaxanthin Supplementation Enhances Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis and Spatial Memory in Mice.

Health News for 8 FEB 2016 (Beta)

Health News for 8 FEB 2016:1.Organic agriculture key to feeding the world sustainably2.Why your muscles get less sore as you stick with your gym routine3.Cell culture experiments reveal potent antiviral activity of Cistus incanus extracts against HIV and Ebola 1.

Top Health News for the week of 18 JAN 2016 (In Beta)

Top Health News for the week of 18 JAN 2016 (In Beta) 1. Low-fiber diet may cause irreversible depletion of gut bacteria over generations 2. Magic mold: Food preservative kills cancer cells, superbugs 3. Zika virus could spread rapidly in the Americas Links 1.…/2016-01/sumc-ldm010716.php 2.…/160111135429.htm 3.

176 Health research Report 07 MAR 2014

 176 – 07 MAR 2014 Compiled by Ralph Turchiano    •        Detailed research references and further affiliations on each article are posted at . In this issue: Abdominal fat accumulation prevented by unsaturated fat Study examines acetaminophen use in pregnancy, child behavioral problems Vinegar kills tuberculosis and other mycobacteria PFC exposure may spark metabolic changes…

A Cure for Sepsis ?

  Highlights: – discovered that a single bolus of vitamin C injected early at the time of induction of sepsis, prevents capillary plugging. He has also found that a delayed bolus injection of vitamin C can  reverse plugging by restoring blood flow in previously plugged capillaries – found that early as well as delayed injections…

Vitamin E and Selenium raise cancer risk, Oh Really? Let us Disect the Research, and the Researchers

The SELECT trial is being utilized for sensationalist counter intuitive claims in regards to certain nutrients. The following posted below is simply a rational to why the SELECT trial being interpreted by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center is flawed. Unfortunately improper forms of the nutrients were utilized in addition to the potential corruption of Experimenter…

Video Health Research Report 27 JAN 2014

Topics: Mouthwash is a Disaster for health Raises Blood Pressure and Stroke Risk * Journal of Free Radical Biology and Medicine JAN 2014 Fever Reducing Medications increase virus activity/load and transmission * Proceedings of Royal Society B Today JAN 2014 Medical Treatments now 3rd leading cause of death in developed nations * New Scientist Jan…

Health Research Report – Video 03 JAN 2014

Topics: Use of vitamin E by patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer disease slows functional decline * JAMA 01 JAN 2014 Review: Most clinical studies on vitamins flawed by poor methodology * Journal of Nutrition 30 DEC 2013 Alcohol leaves its mark on youngsters’ DNA * Journal of Alcohol 30 DEC 2013