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EEV: I can only specualte why Guccifer’s PDF, as well as other major sources of Intel Compromise are so openly exposed. I am counting on this data being obsolete, or ineffective as the whole world has it by now. Why they would release the names of CIA employee’s as well as others again, is a total mystery to me. I am certain a vast majority of Intel operatives on these public lists are totally unaware, they have been openly compromised.

11 August 2013

This event, co-hosted by the FBI and Fordham University’s International Conference on Cyber Security, on 8 August 2012 in New York City, was closed to the public.

Journalists were allowed entry but could not ask questions; students could.

No full recording of the event has been published.

Fordham University is a top educator and network of spies, the FBI in particular.

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NSA Director Defends Surveillance Programs at Cybersecurity Conference

Thursday, August 08, 2013

By Daniel P. Tucker : Associate Producer, WNYC News

As the privacy debate continues following revelations about the federal government’s surveillance programs, the director of the National Security Agency is defending his organization’s tactics.

Speaking at an annual cybersecurity conference at Fordham University on Thursday, General Keith Alexander said privacy is safeguarded by the constitution and that the methods used by the NSA do not constitute “domestic spying.”

“No one has willingly or knowingly disobeyed the law or tried to invade your civil liberties or privacy,” he told a room of industry insiders at the fourth annual International Conference on Cyber Security. “There were no mistakes like that at all. I think that’s important to understand.”

Alexander added that Congress could help improve cybersecurity by passing legislation that dictates how the private sector can work with agencies like the CIA, FBI and NSA to defend against cyber attacks.

Network of Spies

Keynote and Distinguished Speakers

Gen. Keith B. Alexander


National Security Agency Commander, CYBERCOM

Preet Bharara

United States Attorney

Southern District of New York, United States Department of Justice, New York, NY USA

Michael Chertoff

Former Secretary

United States Department of Homeland Security, Washington, DC USA

Jared Cohen

Founder and Director

Google Ideas, New York, NY

Joseph M. Demarest

Assistant Director

Cyber Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington, DC USA

Ruby B. Lee, Ph.D.

Forrest G. Hamrick Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ USA

Ian Levy

Technical Director

United Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire UK

Kevin Mandia

Chief Executive Officer

Mandiant, Washington, DC USA

Lisa Monaco

Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, Deputy National Security Advisor

The White House, Washington, DC USA

Robert S. Mueller

Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Washington, DC USA

George O. Strawn

Director, Networking and Information Technology Research and Development Program

National Coordination Office, Washington, DC USA

Plenary and Parallel Speakers

Hira Agrawal

Senior Scientist

Applied Communications Systems

Rich Baich

Executive Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer

Wells Fargo, Charlotte, NC USA

Sean Barnum

Security Principal

The MITRE Corporation, McLean, VA USA

Elisa Bertino

Professor of Computer Science

Purdue University

Richard Carback

Principal Researcher and Security Engineer

Charles Stark Draper Laboratories

Robin DeStefano


Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Five (CNCI-5)

Andre Dornbusch

Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt)

Wiesbaden, Hesse DEU

Stephen R. Flatley

Senior Examiner

Computer Analysis Response Team, Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York, NY USA

Gary J. Gagnon

Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer

The MITRE Corporation, McLean, VA USA

Melissa Hathaway

Hathaway Global Strategies, Washington, DC USA

Kristin Heckman, D. Sc.

Lead Scientist

The MITRE Corporation, McLean, VA USA

S.S. Iyengar

Director of Research


Merike Kaeo

Security Evangelist


David Knox

Vice President, National Security Group

Oracle, Redwood City, CA USA

Martin Libicki, Ph.D.

Senior Management Scientist

RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA USA

Bruce Maggs, Ph.D.

Professor of Computer Science, Duke University, Durham, NC USA and

Vice President for Research, Akamai Technologies, Cambridge, MA USA

Matthew McCabe

Senior Vice President


Petros Mouchtaris, Ph, D.

Chief Operating Officer

Applied Communications Science, Basking Ridge, NJ USA

Jonathan Perlstein

Special Agent

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Natalie Runyon

Chief Security Officer

Thomson Reuters, New York, NY USA

Marek Rusinkiewicz, Ph.D.

Professor of Computer Science

Florida International University, University Park, FL USA

Kathryn Scott

Special Agent

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Antonio Scurlock


Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Five (CNCI-5)

Shane Snyder

Computer Engineer


Tony Spinelli

Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer

Equifax, Atlanta, GA USA

Sandra Stanar-Johnson

NSA/CSS Representative

Department of Homeland Security

Frank Stech, Ph. D.

Principal Investigator, Research Projects

The MITRE Corporation, McLean, VA USA

John Stewart

Senior Vice President, Chief Security Officer, Global Government and Corporate Security

Cisco Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA USA

Edward M. Stroz


Stroz Friedberg, New York, NY USA

Andras Szakal

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

IBM, Armonk, NY USA

Emily Vacher

Manager, Trust and Safety

Facebook, Menlo Park, CA USA

Anthony Vigilante

Managing Director and Chief of Technology

MacKay Shields, New York, NY USA

Mauro Vignati

Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance MELANI

Schwarztorstrasse, Bern CHE

Marisa Viveros

Vice President, Cyber Security Innovation


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