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Was ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ really communist propaganda? FBI investigated classic Christmas film because it portrayed banker Mr Potter as greedy and evil

FBI informants claimed the movie was a vessel for communist messages Claimed screenwriters Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich associated with known communists Report was part of 2,000 page document compiled about communist ‘influence’ in Hollywood By Michael Zennie PUBLISHED:          21:40 EST, 23 December 2013       | UPDATED:          02:16 EST, […]

Listing of the Most Controversial Posts as of 27 NOV 2013

As requested we have posted the list in preparation for archiving: ‘Assassination market’: Bernanke tops ‘kill-list’ in crowd-sourced bitcoin fundraiser for wannabe hitmen Current Black Market Prices for People and Organs Dangerous experiment in fetal engineering Hackers publish CIA Director Brennan’s financial records Hackers release financial records for […]

Russian representative denies US media claims of his involvement in espionage – Rossotrudnichestvo exchange program

Photo EPA/CJ GUNTHER WASHINGTON, October 24 (Itar-Tass) – Representative of   Russia’s Federal Agency for Cooperation with   Fellow-Countrymen Abroad /Rossotrudnichestvo/ in   Washington, Yury Zaytsev, has expressed astonishment over   publications in the U.S. media saying that the FBI suspects   him of working for the Russian intelligence services. Reports on Zaytsev’s […]

Cyberspy Network

EEV: I can only specualte why Guccifer’s PDF, as well as other major sources of Intel Compromise are so openly exposed. I am counting on this data being obsolete, or ineffective as the whole world has it by now. Why they would release the names of CIA employee’s as well as others again, […]

‘Tell your boss I owe him another friggin’ beer:’ Hot mic catches NSA boss praising FBI chiefs for supportive testimony on surveillance programs

By  Hayley Peterson PUBLISHED: 15:23 EST, 18  June 2013 |  UPDATED: 15:24 EST, 18 June 2013   The director of the National Security Agency  was overheard offering a round of beer to the FBI’s second-in-command following  Tuesday’s congressional hearing on the NSA’s controversial surveillance  programs. The three-hour hearing […]

Russia sought FBI’s help in 2011 to probe Boston suspect

     Sat, 20 Apr 2013 22:50 GMT                            Reuters                                    (Updates with more details throughout) By Tabassum Zakaria and Mark Hosenball WASHINGTON, April 20 (Reuters) – Russia asked the FBI in early 2011 to investigate Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev out of concern he had embraced radical Islam […]

Hackers Hit Former U.S. Military Chief

  Author : Mohit Kumar on 12/07/2012 06:28:00 AM According to reports, the hackers targeted personal computers retired Admiral Mike Mullen, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The FBI is hunting for foreign hackers. Mullen is currently teaching WWS 318: U.S. Military and National and International Diplomacy and […]

Revealed: The ‘Shirtless FBI Agent’ who emailed topless pictures of himself to Petraeus sex scandal socialite…but claims it was all a ‘joke’ and not ‘sexual in nature’

Frederick  W. Humphries, 47,  has confirmed that he is the FBI agent who initiated the  investigation that brought down ex-CIA boss David Petraeus He denies  sending any photographs of a sexual nature to Florida socialite Jill Kelley –  but has confirmed a topless picture was sent years ago […]

Petraeus sex’n’menaces webmail trail leads to NATO A’stan General, Spook, soldier, G-man embroiled with adulterous minx duo (Broadwell’s computer, had secret documents)

By John Leyden Posted in Security, 13th November 2012 16:37 GMT Free whitepaper – Nemertes Research: Mobile Security Challenge Emerges The top US Army commander in Afghanistan has been dragged into an investigation that led to the resignation of former CIA Director David Petraeus over an extramarital affair. […]

FBI ordered to disclose “Going Dark” surveillance program: “police can place surveillance cameras on private property without a search warrant “

Posted by Mohit Kumar on 11/03/2012 05:47:00 AM | A federal judge ordered the FBI to  disclose more information about its “Going Dark”  surveillance  program, an initiative to extend its ability to wiretap virtually all forms of  electronic communications. . Why shocking ? because a federal judge  just […]

UPDATE: U.S. investigators FINALLY arrive at at site of Benghazi consulate attack – more than three weeks after terror massacre

Engineering Evil: This is the current up date to the prior article 24 hours ago. In which the Investigators were still not given permission to leave Tripoli. Team that  includes FBI agents shows up at burned out U.S. consulate building on Thursday  morning Secretary  of State Hillary Clinton vows full […]