The Pre-Snowden NSA leaks – Bumblehive, Operation Thinthread, Going Dark, Stingray, Trapwire, Total Information Awarness, etc..

Editors Note ( Ralph Turchiano ) – This is a requested Re-post from 2013

The Intelligence community began to lose control prior to Snowden. The Boston Bombing event resulted in over zealous Intelligence Consultants revealing trade secrets. Then Following the AP, and Fox having their communications compromised Snowden became a well timed distraction.

Below are just some of the leaks that occurred months prior to Snowden. In my humble opinion there was an incredible disintegration of intelligence integrity many months in advance of any Wikileaks revelations. So much so, Snowdens impact was not highly relevant to the damage that was already done. If anything, it was a well timed distraction.

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