Category: Cyber Security

Researchers hide information in plain text

PUBLIC RELEASE: 10-MAY-2018 FontCode embeds hidden information in ordinary text by imperceptibly changing the shapes of fonts in text. Method could prevent document tampering, protect copyrights, and embed QR codes and other metadata without altering the look or layout of a document COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND […]

Developing a secure, un-hackable net

Public Release: 11-Jan-2018   University College London A method of securely communicating between multiple quantum devices has been developed by a UCL-led team of scientists, bringing forward the reality of a large-scale, un- hackable quantum network. To date, communicating via quantum networks has only been possible between two […]

Empowering robots for ethical behavior

Public Release: 18-Jul-2017   Researchers have developed a concept called Empowerment to help robots and humans to work and live side-by-side safely and effectively Frontiers Scientists at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK have developed a concept called Empowerment to help robots to protect and serve humans, […]

Shh! Proven security for your secrets

Public Release: 14-Jul-2017   Kyoto University demonstrates the strength of its new cipher Kyoto University   IMAGE: Kyoto University demonstrates the security of a cipher based on chaos theory. Credit: Kyoto Univeristy / Eiri Ono Kyoto, Japan — How do we know if the electronic keys we use […]

Cameron aide gave ‘top secret’ advice to Macron

  Sam Coates, Deputy Political Editor May 10 2017, 12:01am, The Times One of David Cameron’s top aides gave secret advice to the campaign for the French president-elect Emmanuel Macron, leaked emails have revealed. Ameet Gill, the former director of strategic communications at No 10, charged €18,600 (£15,600) […]

Your ‘anonmyized’ web browsing history may not be anonymous

Public Release: 19-Jan-2017   Princeton University, Engineering School   IMAGE: Arvind Narayanan, assistant professor of computer science, Princeton University. Credit: Frank Wojciechowski Raising further questions about privacy on the internet, researchers from Princeton and Stanford universities have released a study showing that a specific person’s online behavior can […]

Google says its artificial intelligence has taught itself to ‘translate between languages that it doesn’t even know’ | Daily Mail Online

‘Zero-shot translation’ can translate between languages it doesn’t know Deep-learning researchers developed Google Neural Machine Translation GNMT developed algorithm that ‘self-teaches’ it to translate languages  By ARIEL ZILBER FOR DAILYMAIL.COM PUBLISHED: 10:58 EST, 27 November 2016 | UPDATED: 14:11 EST, 27 November 2016 Google has built an algorithm […]

How to protect your laptop — even when it’s asleep

Public Release: 23-Nov-2016   Concordia researchers design a new solution for safer computing Concordia University   Montreal, November 23, 2016 — In the age of WikiLeaks, Russian hacks and increased government surveillance, many computer users are feeling increasingly worried about how best to protect their personal information — […]

Major breakthrough in Cyborg Technology

Public Release: 15-Nov-2016 Researchers create living bio-hybrid system Interdisciplinary approach makes linking biological materials and electronic devices possible American Institute of Physics   These are immunofluorescence analysis of SH-SY5Y cells treated for 5 days with 10uM Retinoic Acid and 50ng/ml BDNF for the next 3 days. The DAPI […]

Researchers find weakness in common computer chip – weak point in address space layout randomization (ASLR)

Public Release: 25-Oct-2016   Team shows weak point could allow computer hackers complete control Binghamton University BINGHAMTON, NY – Researchers from Binghamton University–State University of New York and the University of California, Riverside have found a weakness in the Haswell central processing unit (CPU) components that makes common […]