Media Smoke and Mirror game at the expense of a child?

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Rarely do I comment on events; However, when it involves children I do. Recently an article was run titled “ Boy, 7, born with rare cancer loses his insurance because of  Obamacare…leaving his parents needing $50,000 to pay for life-saving  chemotherapy ” . This article ran on November 28th 2013.


A Hoax article was than run on Dec 1st ” Baby not covered under ObamaCare family plan ” Than shortly followed by “Chris Hayes mocks New York Post: Obamacare toddler horror story was pure bunk

Chris Hayes 120413 [MSNBC]


The New York Post, The Raw Story, Nor MSNBC host Chris Hayes from my knowledge, mentioned the original true story. Leading to many readers associating the hoax, with the 7 year old who is ill and in need of support.

This may just be an amazing coincidence, that however is not for me to decide.




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