153rd Health Research Report Synopsis 19 APR 2013

In this Issue:


1. Lift weights to lower blood sugar? White muscle helps keep blood glucose levels under control


2. New evidence that natural substances in green coffee beans help control blood sugar levels


3. New evidence that egg white protein may help high blood pressure


4. Omega-3 fatty acids more effective at inhibiting growth of triple-negative breast cancer


5. The adult generations of today are less healthy than their counterparts of previous generations


6. Co-Q10 deficiency may relate to statin drugs, diabetes risk


7. Naturally-occurring substance proves effective against deadly skin cancer in laboratory tests


8. Drinking cup of beetroot juice daily may help lower blood pressure


9. Vitamin D may reduce risk of uterine fibroids, according to NIH study


10. Excess vitamin E intake not a health concern


11. US hospitals make more money when surgery goes wrong




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