Rebuttal to CNN and The Times Claim ” Vitamin pills are a waste of money, experts warn “

Article Title : Vitamin pills are a waste of money, experts warn

I have to admit, they are pretty stupid…. This is the old Meta-Analysis game unfortunately without a peer review prior to a press release, there really is not much to go on. They don’t even have friggin footnotes posted.

The Articles offered no concrete data, nor science to rebuke. Nor was there any peer reviewed documentation ( i.e. per (. As with most absolute statements claiming 100% certainty, they are pretty easy to destroy…

To quote them ” One of the research papers involved the retrospective study of 24 previous trials. In total 450,000 people were involved in the trials and the paper concluded that there was no beneficial effect on mortality from taking vitamins.” ” Declaring “case closed”  Wow?

I am sure more info will arise as time unravels the truth… In the meantime here is enough of a salvo to fire across their broadside, and sink the ship of “SS Case Closed”.

Just a quick 10 peer reviewed articles…I would no advise, not relying on any news source that did not attempt to validate it sources such as “The Times” nor “CNN”.

Multivitamins with minerals may protect older women with invasive breast cancer

Vitamins and minerals can boost energy and enhance mood

The good news in our DNA: Defects you can fix with vitamins and minerals

Micronutrient supplements reduce risk of HIV disease progression and illness

Calcium supplements linked to longer lifespans in women

Vitamin C rapidly improves emotional state  of acutely hospitalized patients, say LDI researchers

Researchers develop dietary formula that maintains youthful function into old age

Zinc supplementation significantly increases activation of the cells (T cells) responsible for destroying viruses and bacteria

Stopping diabetes damage with vitamin C

Not just all in the mind: How a vitamin a day helps boost memory

I have like Ton’s more but, I only had 10 minutes to put together a quick counter… After that they really aren’t a formidable enough of an adversary to waste my time with.

Ralph Turchiano

Author: Ralph Turchiano

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