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Young breast cancer patients often overestimate benefit of having healthy breast removed (unlikely to improve their chance of survival )

Contact: Robbin Ray robbin_ray@dfci.harvard.edu 617-632-4090 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute BOSTON — Young women with breast cancer often overestimate the odds that cancer will occur in their other, healthy breast, and decide to have the healthy breast surgically removed, a survey conducted by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute investigators indicates. The survey […]

What we know and don’t know about fungal meningitis outbreak: incubation period from exposure to disease could be up to six months

Contact: Megan Hanks mhanks@acponline.org 215-351-2656 American College of Physicians Physician at the forefront of 2002 meningitis outbreak shares lessons learned: Without regulations ‘this will surely happen again’ In a new perspective piece being published Online First tonight in Annals of Internal Medicine, a physician recalls lessons learned from […]

Common bronchodilator linked to increased deaths

2008 Post for filing Contact: Marla Paul Marla-Paul@northwestern.edu 312-503-8928 Northwestern University CHICAGO — A common bronchodilator drug which has been used for more than a decade by patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) has been linked to a one-third higher risk of cardiovascular-related deaths. The drug, ipratropium, […]

Little evidence of health benefits from organic foods,…Stanford Institution Fails to List Conflict of Interest (COI) in Meta analysis: Claimed Pesticide Laden Crops are Organic

Contact: Michelle Brandt mbrandt@stanford.edu 650-723-0272 Stanford University Medical Center STANFORD, Calif. — You’re in the supermarket eyeing a basket of sweet, juicy plums. You reach for the conventionally grown stone fruit, then decide to spring the extra $1/pound for its organic cousin. You figure you’ve just made the […]