Revealed: The Full Membership List of Wall Street’s Secret Society

EEV: This is the list, that many of you were looking for Kappa Beta Phi Wall Street Chapter

An Excerpt from this incredible reporters story:

“Once we made it to the lobby, Ross and Lebenthal reassured me that what I’d just seen wasn’t really a group of wealthy and powerful financiers making homophobic jokes, making light of the financial crisis, and bragging about their business conquests at Main Street’s expense. No, it was just a group of friends who came together to roast each other in a benign and self-deprecating manner. Nothing to see here.

But the extent of their worry wasn’t made clear until Ross offered himself up as a source for future stories in exchange for my cooperation.

“I’ll pick up the phone anytime, get you any help you need,” he said.

“Yeah, the people in this group could be very helpful,” Lebenthal chimed in. “If you could just keep their privacy in mind.”

I wasn’t going to be bribed off my story, but I understood their panic.  Here, after all, was a group that included many of the executives whose firms had collectively wrecked the global economy in 2008 and 2009. And they were laughing off the entire disaster in private, as if it were a long-forgotten lark. (Or worse, sing about it — one of the last skits of the night was a self-congratulatory parody of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen,” called “Bailout King.”) These were activities that amounted to a gigantic middle finger to Main Street and that, if made public, could end careers and damage very public reputations.

After several more minutes spent trying to do damage control, Ross and Lebenthal escorted me out of the St. Regis.”


Back in January 2012, I crashed the annual induction ceremony of Kappa Beta Phi, a secret society for elite Wall Street financiers. You can read the story of what happened here.

In addition to writing down details of what I saw, I also procured the official Kappa Beta Phi membership roll, a list that includes prominent Kappas like former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, AIG CEO Bob Benmosche, the former heads of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns, and Jon Corzine, the former New Jersey politician.

Here, as of 2012, is everyone who belongs to one of the most controversial and secretive organizations on earth.

First, here’s what the program for the evening looked like:

And here’s the member list:

Wall Street Chapter

Duff P. Anderson (1994)

Silas R. Anthony, Jr. (1993)

Andrew Arno (2001)

Peter A. Atkins (1977)

Walter E. Auch, Jr. (2000)

Sara Ayres (2009)

George L. Ball (1975)

Vincent Banker (2003)

David C. Batten (1981)

Bernard Beal (2007)

Robert Benmosche (2002)

James A. Benson (1995)

Jonathan M. Berg (2006)

Alfred R. Berkeley (2000)

Rosemary T. Berkery (2006)

Michael A. Berman (2000)

E. Garrett Bewkes III (1993)

Jessica Bibliowicz (1999)

John Birkelund (1981)

Ronald E. Blaylock (1999)

Michael R. Bloomberg (1995)

Andrew Blum (1972)

Howard L. Blum, Jr. (1986)

Magnus Bocker (2009)

Mike Bodson (2009)

Geoffrey T. Boisi (1989)

Kay Ryan Booth (1999)

Livio Borghese (1977)

Whitney Bower (2009)

Curt Bradbury (2006)

James W. Braham (1999)

Alan Breed (2010)

Joseph Breen (1980)

Howard M. Brenner (1990)

Robert G. Britz (1998)

Michael C. Brooks (1991)

Marianne Brown (2009)

Candace Browning (2008)

Samuel Butler (1974)

Barbara M. Byrne (2011)

Andrew Cader (1992)

John D. Carifa (1992)

Michael A. Carpenter (1990)

William M. Carson (1998)

Jolyne Caruso-Fitzgerald (2006)

Douglas J. Casey (1998)

Arthur D. Cashin (2000)

John K. Castle (1983)

James E. Cayne (1990)

John S. Chalsty (1990)

Alger B. Chapman, Jr. (1972)

Mac C. Chapman, Jr. (1987)

Suzanne Charnas (2011)

Adam D. Chinn (2005)

Todd J. Christie (2003)

Howard L. Clark, Jr. (1981)

Abram Claude (1970’s)

Patricia M. Cloherty (2001)

Sarah E. Cogan (2009)

Peter A. Cohen (1986)

Timothy C. Collins (2007)

Christopher M. Condron (1999)

Anthony Conroy (2011)

Jill M. Considine (2000)

Richard F. Conway (2005)

Langdon P. Cook (1984)

Gerald Corrigan (1989)

Jon S. Corzine (1990)

Michael Cosgrove (2008)

Lawrence Creel (2009)

Noreen M. Culhane (2005)

John N. Daly (1971)

John M. Damgard (1998)

Elizabeth B. (Beth) Dater (2004)

James M. Davin (1983)

Rafe de la Gueronniere (1987)

Francois de Saint Phalle (1980)

Jerry M. de St. Paer (1996)

Richard M. DeMartini (1991)

Ralph D. DeNunzio (1965)

Robert M. Devlin (2005)

Joseph S. DiMartino (1989)

Eric S. Dobkin (1996)

Carl H. Doerge, Jr. (1979)

Donald Donahue (2009)

Robert N. Downey (1988)

Stephen M. DuBrul, Jr. (1975)

Richard B. DuBusc (1984)

John Duffy (1988)

John G. Duffy (2007)

James J. Dunne III (2003)

Dexter D. Earle (1976)

John E. Eckelberry (1966)

Christine Edwards (1997)

J. Anthony Ehinger (1996)

Roger D. Elsas (1993)

Mary Farrell (2003)

Michael A.J. Farrell (2006)

Fred Federspiel (2008)

Laurence Fink (2002)

John D. Finnegan (2005)

Lawton W. Fitt (1999)

Martin Flanagan (2008)

Gregory J. Fleming (2007)

Alphonse Fletcher, Jr. (1995)

Thomas M. Flexner (2000)

Bruce S. Foerster (1983)

William E. Ford (2006)

Archibald McGhee Foster, Jr. (1992)

A. Hampton Frady, Jr. (1973)

Richard S. Fuld, Jr. (1995)

Nathan S. Gantcher (1992)

Neal S. Garonzik (2000)

John J. Gavin (1991)

Peter Georgiopoulos (2010)

Elbridge T. Gerry, Jr. (1982)

Louis V. Gerstner (1987)

William S.R. Gilbreath III (1973)

Jane Gladstone-Wheeler (2010)

Pam Goldman (2010)

Gary Goldring (2000)

Joe Goldsmith (2010)

Arthur H. Goldstone (1982)

Lesley Goldwasser (2004)

Joseph Grano (2002)

Richard A. Grasso (1990)

Peter T. Grauer (2003)

Micah Green (2003)

Alan C. Greenberg (1980)

Robert F. Greenhill (1985)

Martin Gruss (2009)

Randolph Guggenheimer, Jr. (1980)

Edmund A. Hajim (1996)

George E. Hall (2003)

Joseph Hardiman (1988)

J. Ira Harris (2004)

Jon M. Harris (2004)

Joshua Harris (2011)

William Harrison (1987)

Gates H. Hawn (1980)

Edward D. Herlihy (2003)

James F. Higgins (1993)

J. Tomilson Hill (2009)

Landon B. Hilliard III (1996)

Franklin W. Hobbs IV (1992)

Frank J. Hoenemeyer (1982)

Clark Hooper (2003)

George R. Hornig (2006)

Gedale B. Horowitz (1980)

Ruth Horowitz (2004)

Brian P. Hull (2006)

Samuel C. Hunter (1984)

James Hurlock (1989)

Bradley H. Jack (1999)

James A. Jacobson (1988)

A. James Jacoby (2000)

Francis P. Jenkins, Jr. (1988)

David Jennings (2003)

Wm. Mitchell Jennings, Jr. (2006)

Richard H. Jenrette (1976)

Thomas Johnson (1987)

Michael J. Johnston (1984)

William R. Johnston (1994)

Graham E. Jones (1977)

James Jones (1991)

Paul Tudor Jones II (2002)

Thomas M. Joyce (2005)

William M. Kearns, Jr. (1975)

Charles (Kirk) Kellogg (2004)

Peter R. Kellogg (1979)

James C. Kellogg IV (1983)

T. Richard Kendrick IV (2005)

Jerome Kenney (1989)

Hans W. Kertess (1981)

Richard Ketchum (1995)

Candace King-Weir (2010)

Mark Kingdon (2008)

James M. Kingsbury (1969)

Catherine R. Kinney (1997)

Michael S. Klein (2005)

Frederick A. Kingenstein (1973)

William Lee Knowles (1988)

David H. Komansky (2002)

Arthur Kontos (1998)

Doug Kramer (2011)

Peter S. Kraus (2007)

Sallie Krawcheck (2002)

Ron Kruszewski (2001)

Michael LaBranche (2000)

Marc E. Lackritz (1994)

Maria Elena Lagomasino (2005)

Jeffrey B. Lane (1988)

Steve Langman (2010)

Kenneth G. Langone (1996)

John J. Lauto (2007)

John G. Layng (1999)

Alexandra Lebenthal (1998)

James B. Lee, Jr. (1999)

Stephen M. Lessing (2002)

Arthur Levitt, Jr. (1979)

William Lewis (2008)

Robert D. Lindsay, Jr. (2010)

Robert V. Lindsay (1979)

Robert E. Linton (1981)

Martin Lipton (1987)

Bruce Lisman (2001)

Hugh P. Lowenstein (1990)

Nigel S. MacEwan (1972)

John G. MacFarlane III (1998)

John J. Mack (1993)

James J. Maguire (1993)

Thomas (Tom) Maheras (2004)

Andrew Malik (2011)

Amy Margolis (2011)

Donald Marron (1985)

Robert J. McCann (2003)

Robert H. McCooey, Jr. (2006)

Raymond J. McGuire (2005)

Shawn McLoughlin (2009)

Terence S. Meehan (1996)

Doris P. Meister (2001)

Carl B. Menges (1996)

Mitch M. Merin (1995)

Barrant V. Merrill (1981)

Eduardo G. Mestre (1995)

Roberto Mignone (2010)

John Miller (2010)

Howard Milstein (2006)

Joseph V. Missett III (1973)

Robert E. Munchin (1983)

Joseph H. Moglia (2005)

Samuel L. Molinaro, Jr. (2002)

Christopher S. Moore (1988)

John Moore (2009)

Charles F. Morgan (1960)

John C. (Hans) Morris (2006)

Averell Mortimer (2009)

David J. Mullan (2004)

Donald R. Mullen, Jr (2001)

Peter J. Murphy (2006)

Robert Murphy (2003)

Thomas Murphy (2011)

Jeanne L. Murtaugh (2004)

John H. Myers (2006)

Sarah E. Nash (1998)

Kenneth R. Natori (1980)

George Needham (2003)

Crocker Nevin (1970)

Donald E. Nickelson (1981)

Fares Noujaim (2005)

Seth Novatt (2010)

Michael Novogratz (2008)

Edward I. O’Brien (1977)

Timothy O’Hara (2008)

E. Stanley O’Neal (2002)

Michael J. Odrich (2006)

Morris W. Offit (1997)

Vikram S. Pandit (1884)

Paul G. Parker (2011)

Leland B. Paton (1995)

Douglas Paul (2003)

Richard S. Pechter (1991)

Joseph R. Perella (1990)

Norman H. Pessin (1984)

John R. Petty (1988)

John J. Phelan, Jr. (1979)

Peter V.N. Philip (1967)

Thomas L. Piper III (1978)

Michael Pizzuto (1982)

Grant A. Porter (2007)

Christopher Quick (2002)

Leslie C. Quick III (2002)

Peter Quick (2001)

Michael L. Quinn (1996)

Paul E. Raether (1993)

Maribeth S. Rahe (2001)

Lewis S. Ranieri (1987)

Alan C. Rappaport (2006)

Peter S. Rawlings (1976)

Robert L. Reynolds (2007)

Joseph Rice III (2006)

Reuben F. Richards (1973)

Robert Ritterseiser (1985)

Rachel Robbins (1997)

Julian H. Robertson (1987)

James D. Robinson III (1982)

James D. Robinson IV (2011)

Linda Robinson (2003)

Joe L. Roby (1992)

John Roche (1984)

E. John Rosenwald, Jr. (1982)

Wilbur L. Ross, Jr. (2006)

Mitchell J. Rubin (2010)

Robert E. Rubin (1982)

Thomas A. Russo (2002)

Heather L. Ruth (1999)

Michael Ryan (2011)

Thomas F. Ryan, Jr. (1997)

T. Timothy Ryan (2009)

Gregory E. Sacco, Jr. (1983)

William R. Salomon (1971)

Jim Sampson (2010)

Charles S. Sanford (1980)

Ralph S. Saul (1969)

Thomas A. Saunders III (1979)

Anthony Scaramucci (2011)

Peter Scaturro (2009)

Ralph Schlosstein (2003)

Richard J. Schmeelk (1983)

Joseph Schmuckler (2009)

Edward C. Schmults (1979)

Peter Schulte (2010)

Alan D. Schwartz (1989)

Robert G. Scott (1993)

Kevin R. Seth (2011)

Robert S. Shafir (2005)

Gene Shanks (1989)

Mary L. Schapiro (1997)

Robert F. Shapiro (1969)

Theodore P. Shen (1983)

Martin Siegel (1986)

Brandon Sim (2011)

Craig S. Sim (1984)

Hardwick Simmons (1989)

John C. (Hans) Sites, Jr. (1995)

Philip M. Skidmore (1980)

Alfred Smith IV (1998)

Michelle Smith (2008)

Richard A. Smith (1982)

Winthrop H. Smith, Jr. (2000)

Salvatore (Sal) Sodano (2004)

Warren J. Spector (1997)

Esta Stecher (2006)

George C. Stephenson (1991)

James Stern (1999)

James M. Stewart (1982)

Donald Stone (1975)

Thomas W. Strauss (1986)

Mark B. Sutton (2001)

Richard F. Syron (1995)

Anne Tatlock (2002)

Diana L. Taylor (2004)

Michael Tennenbaum (2010)

Pamela Thomas-Graham (2002)

Todd S. Thomson (2005)

Richard E. Thornburgh (2002)

Allen Thrope (2011)

Carl H. Tiedemann (1975)

David J. Topper (2006)

Robert A. Towbin (1975)

Jamie Townsend (2003)

Remy Trafelet (2008)

Michael K. Travers (1975)

Bruce N. Tullo (1983)

Thomas I. Unterberg (1983)

John O. Utendahl (2004)

John J. Veronis (1989)

John L. Vogelstein (2006)

Robert G. Wade, Jr. (1980)

George Walker (2008)

Andy Walter (2010)

Dennis Weatherstone (1980)

Lisa M. Weber (2005)

David Weild IV (2003)

Sanford I. Weill (1980)

Keith S. Wellin (1970)

Curtis R. Welling (1999)

Kim White (2004)

John C. Whitehead (1971)

Meredith Whitney (2010)

Frederick B. Whittemore (1968)

George Wiegers (1968)

Christopher J. Williams (2006)

Dave H. Williams (1987)

Kendrick Wilson III (1995)

Sam H. Wolcott III (1977)

James D. Wolfensohn (1979)

Kurt Wolfgruber (2006)

Frederick Wonham (1970)

Ward W. Woods, Jr. (1984)

A. Jones Yorke IV (1975)

Montgomery Street Chapter

Charles Haynor – Grand Swipe

Robert S. Basso

Richard M. Beleson

D. Kent Clayburn

James F. Dowley

John C. Helmer

Douglas C. Heske

William D. Hobi

John P. Hullar

John T. Hyland

Andrew J. Jennings

David Kavrell

George A. Miller

Francis X. Roche

John P. Roediger

John L. Sullivan

Joseph E. Sweeney

Spring Street Chapter

Warren Wibbelsman – Grand Swipe

James Ford

Michael O. Healy

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