Creatine powers the immune system to fight cancer

Creatine powers the immune system to fight cancer

Creatine powers the immune system to fight cancer

The energy-buffering function of creatine certainly goes beyond regulating CD8 T cells. In CrT-KO mice, we have observed the hyporesponsiveness of multiple immune cells in various mouse tumor models. It is also likely that creatine regulates immune reactions to multiple diseases beyond cancer, such as infections and autoimmune diseases (Riesberg et al., 2016). Studying the roles of creatine in modulating various immune cells under different health and disease conditions will be interesting topics for future research.

Stefano Di Biase, Xiaoya Ma, Xi Wang, Jiaji Yu, Yu-Chen Wang, Drake J. Smith, Yang Zhou, Zhe Li, Yu Jeong Kim, Nicole Clarke, Angela To, Lili Yang. Creatine uptake regulates CD8 T cell antitumor immunity. The Journal of Experimental Medicine, 2019; jem.20182044 DOI: 10.1084/jem.20182044

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