South Korean military gains authority to launch pre-emptive strike against North when necessary

Updated: 2014-03-07 AM 9:17:55 (KST)

Flag of South Korea

Flag of South Korea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is eye catching about this year’s defense reform is that it includes plans to allow South Korea to pre-emptively strike North Korea if Pyongyang is about to attack.

Previously Seoul’s response was limited to local provocations, but the pre-emptive strike capability adds a whole new strategic level in dealing with Pyongyang’s provocations.

This includes striking North Korea’s missile and nuclear facilities in the early stages, using the so-called “Kill-Chain” system.

Under international law, a country that conducts a pre-emptive strike could be blamed for starting the war.

With that in mind, South Korea’s defense ministry says the preemptive strike concept used here would be seen as collective self-defense under international standards.

Pyongyang is expected to react strongly to the new reform, but the ministry emphasized that it’s to reduce damage and prevent Pyongyang from taking additional provocative measures.

“Our main focus is to simultaneously prepare for North’s asymmetric power, local and all-out war scenarios.”

In addition, the military plans to merge two of its three army headquarters and set up a Ground Operations Command.

The new command will have more air support from the newly enhanced Air Force Air Support Operations Center and the army corps commander will have the authority to call in an air strike.

“The corps commanders commanding system was simplified with computer networking systems and we are able to fight off our enemy in real-time.”

The military plans to deploy Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, state of the art multiple rocket launchers and other high-tech gadgetry to maximize South Korea’s defense capability on the border.

Kim Hyun-bin, Arirang News.

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