British intelligence agents in Russia instructed to find Snowden – Canadian NGO

British intelligence agents in Russia instructed to find Snowden – Canadian NGO

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The British intelligence MI-6 station in Moscow was given the task to locate a former CIA agent Edward Snowden who was granted temporary political asylum in Russia, states Center for the Study of Globalization, a Canadian non-governmental organization based in Montreal.

“The British authorities are aiming to find Snowden and, if possible, to ship him to the UK or the US,” says the Canadian NGO website without referring to any sources.

The British MI-6 employees in Moscow “have started analyzing intelligence received by US National Security Agency and UK Government Communications Centre in the course of surveillance on Facebook and other social websites in order to detect Snowden’s location,” says the Canadian research organization.

According to the NGO, at present, information on the chain of Twitter contacts connected to Snowden is being processed as well as information on phone calls made by four former employees of US intelligence services, who visited Moscow in October to meet with him. The Canadian NGO claims that all American contacts in Moscow have already been identified which made it possible to broaden the search for Snowden and learn his daily schedule.

As pointed out by the Center for the Study of Globalization, the Snowden search had the highest priority in the MI-6 station, “mostly due to the damage done to worldwide British intelligence operations by Snowden’s leaks, rather than a desire to find favor in the eyes of their American colleagues, the CIA.”

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