Obama boycott: Major US news outlets refuse to use White House photos

 Published time: November 27, 2013 21:03                                                                            

US President Barack Obama is surrounded by photographers while he eats breakfast. (AFP Photo / Scott Olson)US President Barack Obama is surrounded by photographers while he eats breakfast. (AFP Photo / Scott Olson)

The coalition of major news outlets protesting the White House’s photo policy continues to grow, with McClatchy newspapers adding their name on Wednesday to the list of publications that will no longer print official administration images.

McClatchy’s announcement that it will not be running official  White House images in its papers except in extreme circumstances  follows a similar promise made over the weekend by USA Today amid  growing complaints waged by photojournalists and those in the  news industry who oppose this administration’s tendency to  exclude independent reporters from official events.

Last week, the Associated Press, ABC News, the Washington Post  and Reuters all signed a letter to White House press secretary  Jay Carney imploring the administration of President Barack Obama  to provide photographers with increased access to the  commander-in-chief. According to those outlets, this White House  has more than any other administration prevented credentialed  photographers from shooting images of the president, and instead  has relied on Mr. Obama’s official photography team on a routine  basis to exclusively take pictures to be disseminated among the  press.

The selective nature of the White House’s process of hand-picking  which images to release — as well as its shuttering of a free  press — has raised numerous complaints as of late by news outlets  and media experts. “Journalists are routinely being denied the  right to photograph or videotape the president while he is  performing his official duties,” last week’s letter reads.   “As surely as if they were placing a hand over a journalist’s  camera lens, officials in this administration are blocking the  public from having an independent view of important functions of  the Executive Branch of government.”

But while the AP-led campaign has indeed garnered the support of  outlets like CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and others, only McClatchy and  USA Today so far have said they’ll be boycotting official images.

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