Anonymous going to lauch wikileaks like project called TYLER

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International hacker group Anonymous is going  to create a WikiLeaks competitor scandalous leak portal called  Tyler, for the publication of secret information from governments of  various countries. One of the group’s members, who specified that he is  representing the collective, spoke about the TYLER project and the rift with  WikiLeaks in an email interview with the Voice of Russia.
They have scheduled this new project to  December 21 this year. According to the hacker, who requested anonymity,  the conflict between Anonymous and the website of Julian Assange revolves  around  the forced funding techniques and lack of transparency around money to  WikiLeaks.
So far Anonymous defends WikiLeaks  and Assange personally and supported the mission of the site to share  information, news and classified information with the public. They even helped  to publish more than 2 million emails, known as the Syrian file.
Since Assange has repeatedly threatened to  close the WikiLeaks, hackers have decided to create their own platform for  publishing secret government documents. According to Anonymous, Tyler will be a  unique service project, as it will not have fixed the server – it will be based  on the principle of decentralized or peer to peer network based on the equality  of participants. Hackers claim that the attack or close the platform due to  this  will be impossible.
When asked about the future of WikiLeaks, the  anonymous hacker said “Julian has threatened on at least one previous  occasion to pull the plug on the project because the fundraising was not  meeting  his expectations. It was at that time that Anonymous began planning to  field our  own alternative disclosure platforms. Julian desperately needs  WikiLeaks, and he  is the only one that can pull the plug on the project. I  rather think that so  long as he is in dire straits, he will not do so despite  any threats from him to  the contrary.”
In this case, it is unclear whether the hacker  to interview to Russian media reflect the views of the entire community of  anonymous or its individual fragments as haktivistite not acting in an  organized  group with a recognized leader.

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