NSA Denies Website Outage Is The Result Of A Cyberattack ( Still down as of 7:30pm PST)

Brian  Jones and Paul  Szoldra                  Oct. 25, 2013,  6:10 PM Arturo  Rodriguez / Associated Press   Despite speculation that mystery hacker-group “Anonymous” is behind  it, the NSA has denied their official website being down is the result of… Read More ›

Link to Anonymous Leaked PRISM-related NSA docs

EEV: Always Click with Caution Link to Anonymous leaks more PRISM-related NSA docs Primary Page: 2010 EA Conf_RA Track Presentation_20100506.ppt 3170_01.pdf 514401Doddirectoritenetworks.pdf 6212_01.pdf 800001pDirectoriteDodinfoenterprise.pdf DT-12-COI-Glossary.pdf DoDAF-DM2_CMP_v1-0_FINAL_2011-10-03r1.docx DoD_NetOps_Strategic_Vision.pdf EATransitionStrategy.pdf NSI_EE.pdf insa-spies.pdf netcentric_jfc-1.pdf security_clearance.pdf