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More COVID Research Information Censored

More COVID Research Censored CDC and the WHO, to my dismay, are either directly or indirectly controlling the flow of information and research, possibly creating an echo chamber of bias. The level of censorship is getting so out of control; it is highly likely now it may be […]

Recent Nutraceutical Research into RNA virus infections including influenza and coronavirus

Recent Nutraceutical Research into RNA virus infections including influenza and coronavirus Recent Nutraceutical Research into RNA virus infections including influenza and coronavirus “Therefore, it is clear that certain nutraceuticals have antiviral effects in both human and animal studies,” commented Dr. DiNicolantonio. “Considering that there is no treatment for […]

How to erase a memory — and restore it

  Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have erased and reactivated memories in rats, profoundly altering the animals’ reaction to past events.   The study, published in the June 1 advanced online issue of the journal Nature, is the first to show the […]

Should your surname carry a health warning?

Contact: Stephanie Burns sburns@bmj.com 44-020-738-36920 BMJ-British Medical Journal Research: The Brady Bunch? New evidence for nominative determinism in patients’ health: Retrospective, population based cohort study Patients named Brady could be at an increased risk of requiring a pacemaker compared with the general population, say researchers in a paper […]

Existence of new element confirmed

Contact: Dirk Rudolph Dirk.Rudolph@nuclear.lu.se 46-462-227-633 Lund University An international team of researchers, led by physicists from Lund University, have confirmed the existence of what is considered a new element with atomic number 115. The experiment was conducted at the GSI research facility in Germany. The results confirm earlier […]

Breastfeeding Could Prevent ADHD

Monday, July 22, 2013 TAU research finds that breastfed children are less likely to develop ADHD later in life We know that breastfeeding has a positive impact on child development and health — including protection against illness. Now researchers from Tel Aviv University have shown that breastfeeding could […]

UC Davis MIND Institute researchers find exposure to maternal antibodies affects behavior

Contact: Phyllis Brown phyllis.brown@ucdmc.ucdavis.edu 916-734-9023 University of California – Davis Health System Researchers identify risk factor for autism in a subset of children: Maternal Antibody-Related autism Researchers with the UC Davis MIND Institute have found that prenatal exposure to specific combinations of antibodies found only in mothers of […]

Elevated Gluten Antibodies Found in Children with Autism

But No Link  to Celiac Disease June 20, 2013 Posted in: Autoimmune diseases, Clinical Research, Gastroenterology, Nutrition, Pediatrics NEW YORK—Researchers have found elevated antibodies to gluten proteins of wheat in children with autism in comparison to those without autism. The results also indicated an association between the elevated […]

GI tract bacteria may protect against type 1 diabetes, cause testosterone to elevate

Contact: Tilo Arnhold presse@ufz.de 49-341-235-1635 Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres GI tract bacteria may protect against autoimmune disease Researchers show that altering gut microbes protects against disease, supporting the ‘hygiene hypothesis’ This press release is available in German. Toronto — Early life exposure to normal bacteria of […]

Homicide spreads like infectious disease

Contact(s): Andy Henion Media Communications office: (517) 355-3294 cell: (517) 281-6949 Andy.Henion@cabs.msu.edu, April Zeoli Criminal Justice office: (517) 353-9554 zeoli@msu.edu Homicide moves through a city in a process similar to infectious disease, according to a new study that may give police a new tool in tracking and ultimately […]

Trial results ‘do not support the use of general health checks’ warn experts

Contact: Stephanie Burns sburns@bmjgroup.com 44-020-738-36920 BMJ-British Medical Journal Checks have not reduced number of deaths from cardiovascular disease or cancer Research: General health checks in adults for reducing morbidity and mortality from disease: Cochrane systematic review and meta-analysis Editorial: The value of conducting periodic health checks Researchers have […]

Pomegranate extract stimulates uterine contractions

2010 study posted for filing Contact: Samantha Martin samantha.martin@liv.ac.uk 01-517-942-248 University of Liverpool The team identified beta-sitosterol – a steroid that can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine – as the main constituent of pomegranate seed extract. The research suggests that pomegranate extract could be used […]

Quercetin blocks hepatitis C infection

Contact: Kim Irwin kirwin@mednet.ucla.edu 310-206-2805 University of California – Los Angeles Health Sciences Natural compound blocks hepatitis C infection Finding may lead to a new treatment Researchers have identified two cellular proteins that are important factors in hepatitis C virus infection, a finding that may result in the […]

Scientists cure color blindness in monkeys

2009 study posted for filing Contact: John Pastor jdpastor@ufl.edu 352-273-5815 University of Florida GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Researchers from the University of Washington and the University of Florida used gene therapy to cure two squirrel monkeys of color blindness — the most common genetic disorder in people. Writing online […]

Triclosan in (Anti-Bacterial Soap, Toothpaste etc..)– Harmful to Ecological Status of Rivers: Ranked sixth as one of the most particularly harmful substances in Europe

Triclosan — Harmful to Ecological Status of Rivers — Needs to Be Monitored, Researchers Say It is intended that the list of priority substances that have to be monitored by the authorities in Europe will be extended from its current 33 to 45 substances. The chemical triclosan is […]

Doubts cast on credibility of some published clinical trials: “a remarkable 93 percent of 2235 so-called RCTs published in some Chinese medical journals during 1994 to 2005 was flawed”

2009 study posted for filing Contact: Charlotte Webber charlotte.webber@biomedcentral.com 44-078-253-17342 BioMed Central This release is available in Chinese. Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) are considered the ‘gold standard’ research method for assessing new medical treatments.  But research published in BioMed Central’s open access journal Trials shows that the design […]

Stopping diabetes damage with vitamin C

2009 study posted for filing Contact: Diane Clay diane-clay@ouhsc.edu 405-271-2323 University of Oklahoma First test in humans gets dramatic results from blood sugar control and antioxidant Researchers at the Harold Hamm Oklahoma Diabetes Center have found a way to stop the damage caused by Type 1 diabetes with […]

Robots That Perceive the World Like Humans

ScienceDaily (Oct. 18, 2012) — Perceive first, act afterwards.The architecture of most of today’s robots is underpinned by this control strategy. The eSMCs project has set itself the aim of changing the paradigm and generating more dynamic computer models in which action is not a mere consequence of […]

Oxidative stress: Mechanism of cell death clarified: ” this cell death could be completely prevented by Vitamin E, but not by water-soluble antioxidants”

2008 Posted for filing Contact: Heinz-Jörg Haury presse@helmholtz-muenchen.de 49-893-187-2460 Helmholtz Zentrum München – German Research Center for Environmental Health Life processes in cells require a reducing environment that needs to be sustained with the help of a large number of antioxidative enzymes. This may sound abstract and incomprehensible, […]