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Chinese government ‘hacks into White House office in charge of the nuclear launch codes’ (Oct 2012 Re-Post)

 Editors note: (Ralph Turchiano) Requested Re-Post from 2012 White House  confirmed the hack but downplayed it, saying no damage was done and it was  unsuccessful Military  Office targeted which controls the President’s travel, interoffice  communications, and nuclear codes By Meghan Keneally PUBLISHED:08:16 EST, 1  October 2012| UPDATED:11:54 EST, […]

Scrooged: Wisconsin governor asked parents to make campaign contributions INSTEAD of buying their children gifts on Black Friday

Scott Walker campaign fundraising email  said his re-election would be a better gift to children than toys or election  gadgets President Obama’s 2012 campaign pioneered  the idea of a political donation ‘gift registry’ for birthdays, weddings and  anniversaries Conservatives spoofed the Obama effort at  the time with fictitious […]

Revealed: ‘Non-partisan’ charity received $1.1M grant to ‘produce’ Obamacare success stories amid litany of setbacks and glitches

By  Snejana Farberov PUBLISHED: 10:54 EST, 28  November 2013 |  UPDATED: 11:03 EST, 28 November 2013   A self-described non-partisan organization  promoting affordable health care has received a $1.1million grant to create a  database of Obamacare success stories, it was revealed today. The Washington, DC-based non-profit group  Families […]

Top secret document reveals NSA spies on porn habits of suspected terrorists in bid to discredit them

Document  was revealed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden It shows  agency spied on suspected radicalizers to  harm their reputations Civil liberties  campaigners have voiced concerns about the revelations One says:  ‘NSA surveillance activities are  anything but narrowly focused’ By  Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 04:50 EST, 27  November 2013 […]

Charity really does begin at home for these men: Meet the CEOs of non-profit organizations who are making more than $1 million a year

Eleven American charity CEOs earn more  than $1 million a year, according to the latest Charity Navigator  study The charity watchdog said  CEOs may work hard managing  multi-million dollar institutions, but seven-figure payments ‘do not seem warranted’ Top earners included Metropolitan Museum  of Art’s Thomas Campbell ($1.5m) and Boys […]

Rise of the DIY satellite: Company launches initiative allowing ANYONE to send a probe into space – but it’ll cost you £12,000

Alba  Orbital sells parts for satellites small enough to fit into your  pocket Satellites  built to the ‘PocketQube’ standard will be launched in  November These  include Morehead State University’s BearkerSat and the University of Maryland’s  QubeScout-S1 By  Ellie Zolfagharifard PUBLISHED: 08:01 EST, 11  October 2013 |  UPDATED: 08:04 […]