‘Smashed teeth £900. Broken limbs £1,800’: Russian rent-a-killer website still running despite official claims it had been banned

EEV: As of this posting it is up… Current screen shot – Translated through Bing

“We offer several options for contract killings:

Death from natural causes or an accident. The best way to take the life of this man, as a registered death everything will be planned in such a way that after the order, there will be no suspicion. (For example: Man accidentally hits a car, he suddenly falls into the sewers and valid wrestles, drowns in the River, heart attack, drug overdose, and so on.) Not on you, not on us not fall any suspicions.”


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  • Russian Interior Minister claimed site was blocked but it is still accessible
  • Website offers services such as physical elimination or ‘a talk in the forest’
  • Clients guaranteed ‘no problems’ with police who ‘have links’ with company

By  Will Stewart In Moscow

PUBLISHED: 13:45 EST, 8 December 2013 |  UPDATED: 13:49 EST, 8 December 2013

A ‘rent-a-killer’ website was still operating in Russia today after officials claimed it had been banned.

The sinister site offers ‘assassination services’ and breaking the bones of targets in a catalogue of services said to be suitable for wives seeking revenge on cheating husbands.

One option is throwing targets in a car boot and driving them to a remote location where they are threatened and attacked.

Shocking: offers services such as 'physical elimination' on their site which was live tonightShocking: offers services such as ‘physical elimination’ on their site which was live tonight

The Russian Interior Ministry told a senior lawmaker that the site had been blocked, but tonight it was still accessible both in Russia and abroad.

‘The website contained commercial offers of illegal services – physical elimination or transportation to a forest for a talk,’ complained Ruslan Gattarov, a Russian senator, who called for its blacklisting.

‘There is a detailed description of every service, such as the restraint of a target with ropes, handcuffs or sticky tape, the transportation of the target to a remote place and his beating with clubs, legs or fists.’

The attacks are carried out by mafia gangsters, or ex-soldiers or sportsmen, it is claimed.

‘Ideal for angry wives’: The header touts the company’s services as a good service for jealous wives

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