The Coming IQ Armageddon

These are the rough notes taken so far, as I prep the next short video segment on the possible epigenetic consequences of our current environmental assault on neural development. In my humble opinion this ranks number one on environmental priorities. For the primary reasons of that the causes are concrete and the solutions are easy to execute. Here are the initial notes and links of the up coming brief video. Unfortunately there are so many separate factors in play, there is no way to list them all. – Ralph Turchiano

IQ Erosion Studies


Prenatal exposure to common household chemicals linked with substantial drop in child IQ

I.Q. : Decline 6.6 to 7.6 Points

Two common chemicals found in the home–di-n-butyl phthalate (DnBP) and di-isobutyl phthalate (DiBP)

“Children of mothers exposed during pregnancy to the highest 25 percent of concentrations of DnBP and DiBP had IQs 6.6 and 7.6 points lower, respectively, than children of mothers exposed to the lowest 25 percent of concentrations”

DnBP and DiBP are found in a wide variety of consumer products, from dryer sheets to vinyl fabrics to personal care products like lipstick, hairspray, and nail polish, even some soaps.

Common chemical in mothers may negatively affect the IQ of their unborn children

I.Q. : Decline to be determined

Perchlorate, an environmental contaminant found in many foods and in some drinking water supplies

Flame retardant exposure linked to lower IQs — study

I.Q.: Associated with a 4.5 IQ decrement, which is comparable with the impact of environmental lead exposure.

US school children exposed to arsenic in well water have lower IQ scores / purchasing a standard filter at the hardware store is inadequat

I.Q. : Working Memory, Perceptual Reasoning and Verbal Comprehension scores, losses of 5-6 points, considered a significant decline

three school districts in Maine where household wells are the predominant source for drinking water and cooking

Search Results for: Every 1 point increase in dietary pattern score was associated with a 1.67 fall in IQ

IQ: Every 1 point increase in dietary pattern score was associated with a 1.67 fall in IQ

On the other hand, a healthy diet was associated with a higher IQ at the age of 8.5, with every 1 point increase in dietary pattern linked to a 1.2 increase in IQ

Prenatal exposure to environmental pollutants affect a child’s intelligence quotient or IQ : polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

IQ: full scale and verbal IQ scores that were 4.31 and 4.67 points lower, respectively than those of less exposed children.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)

AHs are chemicals released into the air from the burning of coal, diesel, oil and gas, or other organic substances such as tobacco

Study shows link between morbid obesity, low IQ in toddlers

IQ: Average IQ 78

150 percent of their ideal body weight

Prenatal pesticide exposure tied to lower IQ in children

IQ: 5.5 point drop in overall IQ scores

organophosphate pesticides – widely used on food crops – is related to lower intelligence scores at age 7.

Cannabis smoking ‘permanently lowers IQ

IQ: persistent users” who started as teenagers suffered a   drop of eight IQ points at the age of 38

Cannabis smoking ‘permanently lowers IQ

Boys appear to be more vulnerable than girls to the insecticide chlorpyrifos – Lower IQs

IQ: 3 Points

insecticide chlorpyrifos food pesticide

Developmental Fluoride Neurotoxicity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Environ Health Perspect; DOI:10.1289/ehp.1104912








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