Spanish premier denies slush funds allegations / Rajoy in Parliament: Barcenas lied, I will not resign

01 August, 16:06

(ANSAmed) – MADRID – Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy spoke Thursday in Parliament, denying allegations that his Partido Popular had ever held slush funds. Rajoy said that former treasurer Luis Barcenas had told ”lies and accused us to defend himself”, but ”his lies will not damage Spain”. The premier added that he was wrong to have ever trusted the man. Opposition Socialist (PSOE) leader Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, who spoke after Rajoy, replied that ”You have harmed Spain. For this, Mr. Rajoy, today I ask for you to leave.” He then announced that the party was calling for a vote of confidence.

‘I will not resign’, Rajoy replied. ”We are facing a surprising and imaginative collection of lies, as time and justice will show,” Premier and PP leader said in reference to the statements made in court by the party’s former treasurer, who confessed to illegal funds, tax evasion and cash donations to high-ranking members of the PP. ”The only certain thing,” Rajoy said, ”is the money that Mr Barcenas has in Switzerland and that for the past four years he has not been the treasurer of the PP.” Rajoy denied that any undeclared money had been given to party leaders and said that the party’s accounts ”are all in order”. He added that ”I don’t have to prove my innocence. The accusing party must prove their allegations in Spain.” Rajoy also said that he would not change the reform programme. ”No one, except Congress and the Senate, has the right to interfere in the country’s politics. I will not allow the agenda of a country with six million unemployed to be conditioned by a man accused of crimes.” (ANSAmed).

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