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The ” Lagarde List “

Editor’s Note (Ralph Turchiano) Re-Post Request for cross reference HSBC and Panama files. Original Post date 28 October 2012 Engineering Evil : Authenticity Still Requires further verification Being on a List does not imply guilt Current Source Info: Zougla Keep Talking Greece “Clicking on each image will open an […]

Alibi Agencies Help Create Double Lives

By Barbara Hardinghaus An episode of Germany’s top crime show recently highlighted a secretive business: helping clients create and maintain lies. Now one such agency is struggling to keep up with the demand. For his best clients, Patrick Ulmer says he goes out and arranges the lie personally. […]

Bad sleep around full moon is no longer a myth

Contact: Olivia Poisson olivia.poisson@unibas.ch University of Basel Many people complain about poor sleep around full moon. Scientists at the University of Basel in Switzerland now report evidence that lunar cycles and human sleep behavior are in fact connected. The results have been published in the journal «Current Biology». […]

Rich Move Assets from Banks to Warehouses

(Sm)art Investing By Christoph Pauly To avoid paying taxes, the rich are emptying their bank accounts in Switzerland and investing in art. This has spawned a new business of storing such works tax- and duty-free in warehouses across the world. One of the world’s most valuable art treasures […]

Switzerland shuts doors to EU immigrants

  Friday, 26 April 2013 The anti-immigration class across Europe has found many new adherents as of late, especially in the most economically devastated countries, like Greece and Italy. But now these Europeans might themselves become the unwelcome migrants, at least in Switzerland. As I happened to be […]

Business defections hit Greece amid recovery effort

  14Oct2012 ATHENS (AFP)   Efforts to restore investor confidence in Greece’s struggling economy took a double blow this week when a major European bottler and a prominent dairy company announced relocation plans.   Coca-Cola’s second biggest bottler worldwide, Athens-based Coca-Cola Hellenic (CCHBC), on Thursday said it was […]