Russian Proton-M rocket crashes on takeoff / Nuclear Fuel Released

Published time: July 02, 2013 03:18
Edited time: July 02, 2013 04:18                                                                            

Screenshot from YouTube user Spaceflight101

A Russian Proton-M rocket carrying three navigation satellites crashed soon after takeoff from Kazakhstan’s Baikonur Cosmodrome Tuesday morning.

Immediately after takeoff, the rocket swerved to one side, tried  to correct itself, but instead veered in the opposite direction.

The rocket flew horizontally before plummeting back to the launch  site, with its engines in full thrust.

There are no immediate reports of casualties.

The emergency ministry of Kazakhstan is considering evacuating  the surrounding areas as nuclear fuel which leaked from the  rocket could pose a threat to the surrounding area.

Experts point to engine failure as the likely cause of the crash.

“It’s either the control system or the engine that has caused  the accident. If the accident occurred in the first 10 to 20  seconds, than the engine is likely to be the cause,” a source  in the space agency told RIA.

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