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Americans start operation “Troll the NSA”


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

An operation to troll the NSA has started up online in a bid to jam the spy scanners.

The plan is to ‘test’ the system by sending a message full of terrorist buzz words to the agency Wednesday at 7pm EST.

The website was set up in response to the accusations at the U.S. government is collecting and looking at data from Internet companies like Google, Facebook and Apple through a secretive program codenamed PRISM.

Operation ‘Troll The NSA’ describes the plan stating: ‘If millions of us, all at the exact same time, call or email someone with our keywords-of-terror-filled script, we can give our nation’s impressive surveillance system the kind of test it deserves.

‘They say they don’t read or listen to the contents of our messages. Why not test it out? It’ll be fun.’

The creators of the website have written a seemingly innocent email about a bad job and travel plans addressed from a disgruntled employee to a friend.

But words designed to catch the scanner’s interest litter the script, including famous American landmarks such as ‘Manhattan,’ ‘Golden Gate Bridge’, ‘Brooklyn Bridge’,’ Verrazano Narrows Bridge’ and ‘Financial District.’

It also included words associated with terrorists such as ‘death to millions of Americans,’ ‘strike at any second’ and ‘oppressive regime.’

They hope that the scanner will pick up the words and consequently get jammed from the overload.

The stunt was set up by two BuzzFeed employees.

Chris Baker and Mike Lacher, creative directors at the news site, say they hope millions of people will take part.

‘It would be amazing if we actually did screw with their systems a little bit,’ said Baker.

‘But the ultimate goal is that the site itself will get enough attention … that NSA becomes aware of it on some level and gives them a moment to reflect on their duties,’ he told the Daily Beast.

Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower who leaked the secret information about a classified U.S. government surveillance program is currently on the run in Hong Kong.

Snowden, 29, is a technology expert working for a private firm subcontracted to the US National Security Agency.

Last week he told the Guardian newspaper of a mammoth surveillance operation run by the NSA on telephone and Internet records around the world.

In the US, in a spectacularly strange way he has been branded a traitor by the mainstream media. Perhaps, it now makes sense why Snowden chose to leak the information to a British newspaper. Is the US Media in on it?


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