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Major computer security firm RSA took $10 mln from NSA to weaken encryption – report

   Published time: December 20, 2013 23:48                                                                                                                         RSA SecureID electronic keys (Reuters / Michael Caronna)                              The National Security Agency arranged a clandestine US$10 million contract with computer security power RSA that allowed the spy agency to embed encryption software it could use to […]

Spy agencies infiltrate gaming world

Xbox Live among game services targeted by US and UK spy agencies NSA and GCHQ collect gamers’ chats and deploy real-life agents into World of Warcraft and Second Life Read the NSA document: Exploiting Terrorist Use of Games & Virtual Environments James Ball The Guardian,  Monday 9 December 2013 […]

Fructose: the poison index

A ruling on fructose boosts the powerful sugar industry, either by incompetence or collusion, but is based on pseudoscience Robert Lustig The Guardian,              Monday 21 October 2013 16.00 EDT Fizzy drinks can have a ‘serum fructose concentration of six micromolar, enough to do major arterial and pancreatic […]

British spies ‘hid activities from MPs’

Former Labour minister accuses spies of ignoring MPs over surveillance Nick Brown says there is ‘uncanny’ similarity between GCHQ programmes exposed by Edward Snowden and bill’s proposals   Rowena Mason, political correspondent The Guardian,        Tuesday 15 October 2013 Former minister Nick Brown says mass surveillance appears to […]

Revealed: Qatar’s World Cup ‘slaves’

  Exclusive: Abuse and exploitation of migrant workers preparing emirate for 2022   Pete Pattisson in Kathmandu and Doha The Guardian,  Wednesday 25 September 2013 12.46 EDT                   Link to video: Qatar: the migrant workers forced to work for no pay in World Cup host country Dozens of […]

Exclusive: NSA pays £100m in secret funding for GCHQ

• Secret payments revealed in leaks by Edward Snowden • GCHQ expected to ‘pull its weight’ for Americans   • Weaker regulation of British spies ‘a selling point’ for NSA Nick Hopkins and Julian Borger The Guardian,              Thursday 1 August 2013 11.04 EDT The NSA paid £15.5m towards redevelopments at […]

How the NSA is still harvesting your online data

Files show vast scale of current NSA metadata programs, with one stream alone celebrating ‘one trillion records processed’ Glenn Greenwald and Spencer Ackerman guardian.co.uk,    Thursday 27 June 2013 11.03 EDT The NSA collects and analyzes significant amounts of data from US communications systems in the course of monitoring foreign […]

GCHQ intercepted foreign politicians’ communications at G20 summits / phones were monitored and fake internet cafes set up to gather information from allies in London in 2009

Exclusive: phones were monitored and fake internet cafes set up to gather information from allies in London in 2009   Ewen MacAskill, Nick Davies, Nick Hopkins, Julian Borger and James Ball The Guardian,              Sunday 16 June 2013 15.46 EDT Documents uncovered by the NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, […]

[Up to $20 Trillion U.S.] Offshore financial industry leak exposes identities of thousands of holders of anonymous wealth from around the world

Identities of the rich who hide cash offshore David Leigh The Guardian,  Wednesday 3 April 2013 18.59 EDT The British Virgin Islands, the world’s leading offshore haven used by an array of government officials and rich families to hide their wealth. Photograph: Duncan Mcnicol/Getty Images Millions of internal records […]

Russians man Syrian air defences

Russian military presence in Syria poses challenge to US-led intervention Advisers deployed with surface-to-air systems bolster President Assad’s defences and complicate outcome of any future strikes Julian Borger The Guardian,              Sunday 23 December 2012 16.30 EST Syria crisis – an Assad regime military vehicle destroyed by rebels […]

China weighs into Europe’s austerity battle: depth of public anger in the eurozone could lead to a ‘complete discarding’ of austerity programmes

Top official at China’s £300bn sovereign wealth fund said that the depth of public anger in the eurozone could lead to a ‘complete discarding’ of austerity programmes   Tania Branigan in Beijing and Graeme Wearden guardian.co.uk,   Friday 16 November 2012 13.44 EST Activists dressed as zombies stage a […]

Israel ‘planned Iran attack in 2010’

Binyamin Netanyahu ordered military to prepare for strike against Iran two years ago, according to TV documentary Harriet Sherwood in Jerusalem The Guardian, Monday 5 November 2012 05.15 EST Binyamin Netanyahu: the order to raise the alert level was not carried out after strong opposition from Israeli security […]

Santa’s pipe put out in new edition of children’s classic: ” edited out a few words and lines that reference Santa smoking and removed the cover illustration of his pipe”

Fresh version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas sparks censorship ro) Santa smoking … a traditional image of Father Christmas. Photograph: Alamy/Beryl Peters Collection A new version of Clement C Moore’s classic festive poem A Vist from St Nicholas, better known by its first line, ‘Twas the Night […]