Critics question Petraeus’ timing : No longer has to testify at the Benghazi hearing

Critics question Petraeus’ timing
By: Katie Glueck
November 9, 2012 05:45 PM EST
Gen. David Petraeus’s resignation from the CIA on Friday sparked skepticism among media pundits and journalists that the Obama administration had stalled the bombshell until after the election.“Petraeus resignation. Timing, everything suspicious,” tweetedRupert Murdoch, the CEO and founder of News Corp. “There has to be more to this story.”Dana Perino, the former White House spokeswoman for President George W. Bush, noted on Fox News that Petraeus’s announcement came several days before Senate hearings on the attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, at which he was supposed to testify but no longer will be.“Five days before the [Benghazi] hearing…it does legitimately raise some eyebrows,” Perino said.Others on Twitter pointed to news reports highlighting the CIA’s connection to the Benghazi consulate that came under attack.

“COINCIDENCE?! Petraeus is set to testify NEXT week at a closed door session on Capitol Hill abt Benghazi. Did BHO push him out? This stinks!” tweeted conservative radio host Laura Ingraham.

Ben Shapiro of the conservative thought the Obama administration was involved and had covered up the news until after the election.

“This is only the latest in a string of groundshaking events demonstrating that the Obama administration hid information vital to the American people during the last days of the 2012 election cycle,” he wrote. “The fact that the most respected soldier of his generation, Petraeus, would be leaving the administration during an Obama second term, had to be known by the White House prior to the election. And they said nothing in order to run out the clock.”

And it wasn’t just conservatives raising questions.

“Petraeus: cheating husband or scapegoat on #Benghazi?” tweeted Elise Labott, a foreign affairs reporter for CNN.

Noam Scheiber of The New Republic asked, “In practice, is there really such low tolerance for spies who have affairs? I’d be shocked if so.”

“The substantive case for stepping down seems to be that you can blackmail an adulterer. But can you once the lapse is known?” tweeted the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein. “IE, if Petraeus admitted the affair to his wife and perhaps the WH, what good would the blackmail do?”


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