Asian Americans furious at proposal allowing colleges to choose students by race

Blacks and Hispanics under-represented in California colleges – but families fear bias if ban on selection by factors including race is lifted

UPDATED : Friday, 07 March, 2014, 11:09am
Leo Zou in Berkeley, California
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 A community leader speaks to the crowd at a rally against the proposed college admissions amendment outside the town hall in Cupertino, California. Photo: Guisel Contreras

Hundreds of Asian American families flocked to a community hall in northern California to learn about a state law that many fear would discriminate against their children in college admission because of their race.

“No! No! No!” the crowd chanted outside the hall in Cupertino, an affluent small city in the heart of Silicon Valley, responding to “SCA 5” shouted from a megaphone.

SCA 5 is a state constitutional amendment that seeks to lift the ban on the use of race, sex, colour, ethnicity or national origin in admission at California’s public universities and colleges. Continue reading “Asian Americans furious at proposal allowing colleges to choose students by race”

This is the Racist Editorial on Ambassador Locke / Goodbye, Luo Shi Fei!

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February 27, 2014, at 20:37 source: China News Network

Locke is a United States-born third-generation Chinese-American, his “yellow skin and white heart” banana person property into President Obama’s diplomatic advantage. United States Pacific revealed a new strategy, selecting during his tenure. Because, a person to be letting you down, always left to the people, “I’m doing this for your sake” impression. Dang United States in the Asia-Pacific and constantly stirring up the eddies, creating contradictions when a traveler on the surface of living abroad for a long time, with black hair and yellow skin, vessel for the United States applauded. Really played a good soft-shoe routine.

Official portrait of United States Secretary o...
Official portrait of United States Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Banana, however long, “yellow skin” is always to be rotting, not only “white heart” out, becomes sick of “black”. Luo Shi may think yellow-skinned appearance alone is not enough. Experienced United States political campaigns-show Luo Shi understands use of the media. As a result, a variety of “light truck line tours, backpack, coach Jane” drama took turns to take the stage. At first, indeed made plain good Chinese eyes. But then I think, puts the business class, splendor, and “accidentally” in front of the camera to sit in economy class, eat fast food, and rich people and the occasional farmhouse and photo upload “for show” what’s the difference? Luo Shi for show, I can’t say, at least American media said long Jing Junjun, running for Governor of the State of the State of Washington during his term for territorial corporate bribery has always been “we have”. Continue reading “This is the Racist Editorial on Ambassador Locke / Goodbye, Luo Shi Fei!”