This is the Racist Editorial on Ambassador Locke / Goodbye, Luo Shi Fei!

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February 27, 2014, at 20:37 source: China News Network

Locke is a United States-born third-generation Chinese-American, his “yellow skin and white heart” banana person property into President Obama’s diplomatic advantage. United States Pacific revealed a new strategy, selecting during his tenure. Because, a person to be letting you down, always left to the people, “I’m doing this for your sake” impression. Dang United States in the Asia-Pacific and constantly stirring up the eddies, creating contradictions when a traveler on the surface of living abroad for a long time, with black hair and yellow skin, vessel for the United States applauded. Really played a good soft-shoe routine.

Official portrait of United States Secretary o...

Official portrait of United States Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Banana, however long, “yellow skin” is always to be rotting, not only “white heart” out, becomes sick of “black”. Luo Shi may think yellow-skinned appearance alone is not enough. Experienced United States political campaigns-show Luo Shi understands use of the media. As a result, a variety of “light truck line tours, backpack, coach Jane” drama took turns to take the stage. At first, indeed made plain good Chinese eyes. But then I think, puts the business class, splendor, and “accidentally” in front of the camera to sit in economy class, eat fast food, and rich people and the occasional farmhouse and photo upload “for show” what’s the difference? Luo Shi for show, I can’t say, at least American media said long Jing Junjun, running for Governor of the State of the State of Washington during his term for territorial corporate bribery has always been “we have”.

In fact, Ambassador Locke’s reality show is financially “initiatives to raise revenue” good case. Said to “cut expenditure”, is because the United States Ambassador’s finances are lump sum, Howard Johnson sat in business class, eat dinner budget ran out, economy class, eat fast food to save money is not refundable. Say “open source”, a show behind the needs of security, cost, is the new budget items. We’re curious, Ambassador “stream of revenue” to save money after, expensive distraction to get advertising companies? Just listen to foreign media, and Ambassador in the absence of the lens, and live in the Ambassador’s residence at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars, is of travel mobility scooters specially designed bulletproof luxury car.

Ambassador job is a megaphone, quarrel was not fogged by two hands. But Luo Shi ancestors not only recognize text, or do not understand Chinese laws, like a finger at China’s internal affairs. United States officials visited China, Luo Shi will hand briefing about China’s so-called human rights and Tibet issues, some United States officials took the opportunity to beat the Chinese. He also went to Xinjiang and Tibet, slap the evil wind, xiehuo. He runs is not enough taking so-called activist lawyer Chen Guangcheng, “obligations” off with the blind man, successfully played a “seeing-eye dog” role. Thus, Ambassador Luo Shi successfully won industry throw away the diplomatic niceties “exotic flowers” title.

Luo Shi so laboriously performed about? In fact in as he arrived, he said: “We also met with religious leaders and some human rights lawyers, the United States values. “So, he let Amy, United States, carrying a purse to the United States. He was thinking, doing the same thing. He works hard “investment” Chinese public opinion, financing, buying on behalf of acting in an official or private foundation “pro-American” people from developing “cents party”. Oh yeah, and he relished the “significantly shortened the visa interview wait time for Chinese, that 90% applicants can get a visa.” But you thought, if it weren’t for China’s economic takeoff is blowing up the pockets of Chinese and jingqishener, how can there be so many people in United States!

When our national governance effort when, the Ambassador keeps their job does not make, nor tell us United States pollution in Los Angeles “light grey”, but hold the tester reads Beijing weibo PM2.5 values. Don’t know exactly what is he, anyway after you heard about the United States Embassy and Embassy staff subsidies supporting equipment to a new stage. Luo Shi also take advantage of our governance environments, disgust us once again.

United States for an outsider, never seemed to say, “love”, in addition to anti-tank missile in the Gulf in Central Asia, as well as Egypt Ukraine street clashes. Asserts that this is a new era for Europe “crusade crusade”, but the local freedom, equality of opportunity and was gone. Speaking of which, I would remind Mr Locke later became Ambassador, does not want the “light car Jane”. After all, not every country so friendly to China, security. Japan Yamaguchi-gumi, Iraq, and Afghanistan and AK-47, it’s dangerous!

Today, the snow out of the White House after the disgraced, Luo Shi go. He said, for the children. Hehe, looks like your iron heart to let younger generations also served United States “freedom, opportunity, and equality”. After all, we all know the United States where the gun pointing up, which way the cannon hit. Asia-Pacific the water was his back-end directors, and directors of Japan, Philippine buddy muddied. “Thinking of you”, no one believed. At least, we know that, “SI Hai yan is a concept of” need to have. The Ambassador wanted us to love the United States, I don’t want to say anything more, but it reminds me of Luo Shi family hero Luo said:

“Please think about today’s field, who is in the world! ”

The Ambassador, your “performance”, your grandfather, you know? If you ever knew, but it will take you out of the portal.

Luo Shi, Beijing haze also came. Luo Shi, Beijing’s sky sharply blue, blue skies. Ambassador a wave of sleeve, bringing our minds “Haze”. Jiewen Luo Jun wants to come, just because the wind and rain and precarious. Send haze, send pestilence. Farewell, Luo Shi Fei!

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