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Supreme Court strikes down specific campaign donation limits meaning donors can now pour MILLIONS into their favorite candidate’s war chest

  Today’s ruling means that donors can give the maximum amount to a candidate’s campaign, their PAC, and their political party without worrying about the total limit Wealthy contributors could theoretically spend millions on the same candidate by giving to different groups supporting the same person $2,600 limit […]

Riots erupt on streets of Istanbul after Turkish government clamps down on internet – Opponents say sweeping new powers are effort to hush-up corruption scandal

Protestors are angry over far-reaching government powers to block web pages ‘within hours’ The demonstrators threw stones and set off fireworks after riot police fired water cannons Prime Minister says new powers have been introduced to protect privacy, not stifle criticism By Sam Webb UPDATED:          13:46 EST, 9 […]

Leaked Records Reveal Offshore Holdings of China’s Elite

        Illustration: Tim Meko By Marina Walker Guevara, Gerard Ryle, Alexa Olesen, Mar Cabra, Michael Hudson and Christoph Giesen January 21, 2014, 4:00 pm Key Findings Government officials and their families and associates in China, Azerbaijan, Russia, Canada, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, Mongolia and other countries have embraced the […]

This map could mean militia mayhem for Mexico

Many say armed self-defense groups are filling a vacuum left by a near-absent government, becoming Mexico’s next big security challenge.   Self-defense groups have surged in western Mexico’s Michoacan state, fighting gangs in at least 70 communities in 25 municipalities. The Spanish text says “Apatzingan is considered a […]

Mexican army clashes with vigilantes, one dead

– military convoy arrived in the community of Cuatro Caminos on Tuesday to seize weapons, one day after the militia routed gangsters from the area – telling civilians to lay down their arms – Ignoring repeated government warnings that their expansion would not be tolerated, the civilian militias […]

Net neutrality is now DEAD

– Internet providers may be able to offer faster connections to preferred websites, or even block competitors – This ruling, if it stands, will adversely affect the daily lives of Americans and fundamentally change the open nature of the internet, where uncensored access to information has been a […]

‘Revolution!’ Thousands pour in for pro-EU rally in Ukraine, storm govt buildings

Published time: December 01, 2013 10:09 Thousands of demonstrators chanting ‘Revolution!’ have flocked into ‘Maidan’ square in Kiev despite a court-imposed ban on rallies. The protesters have reportedly taken several government buildings. Follow RT’s LIVE UPDATES on protests in Kiev. Chanting protesters displaced metal barriers that were installed  […]

Thai protesters capture army HQ in countrywide anti-government protests

 Edited time: November 29, 2013 11:19                                                                              Image from @WassanaNanuam Some 1,500 anti-government protesters in Bangkok have broken into the compound of the Royal Thai Army headquarters in their bid to topple the current government. The largely non-violent action could escalate, police say. “We want to know which […]

WikiLeaks publishes secret draft chapter of Trans-Pacific Partnership / ‘would trample over individual rights and free expression’

Treaty negotiated in secret between 12 nations ‘would trample over individual rights and free expression’, says Julian Assange   Alex Hern and Dominic Rushe,              Wednesday 13 November 2013 13.12 EST Demonstrators protest against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) after the May Day rally in Tokyo, Japan. Photograph: […]

Deadly explosions at China Communist party office

At least one person killed and more injured amid several blasts outside building in Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi province   Jonathan Kaiman in Baotou, Tuesday 5 November 2013 21.26 EST Smoke billows after multiple explosions outside  Communist party offices in Taiyuan, China. Photograph: Liu Guoliang/AP/Xinhua At least […]

Moscow Nervous after Violence Erupts

By Benjamin Bidder Moscow authorities are apprehensive following anti-immigrant riots in a southern suburb on Sunday night. And though neo-Nazis continue to stir xenophobic sentiments, it’s clear that the Kremlin has done its own part to fuel these attitudes. Moscow’s cosmopolitan flair begins to fray around the city’s […]

Romania’s Powder Keg

Mine Project Launches Protest Movement By Luke Dale-Harris The Rosia Montana mine in Romania is currently one of Europe’s most controversial projects. Plans by Bucharest to push through approval for the large-scale mining that would eliminate an entire town have sparked mass protests. In September 1995, a secret […]

A war the Pentagon doesn’t want

EEV: This is from the July 18th meeting. As you can easily see, Sen. McCain was already determined to go to war. By Robert H. Scales, Published: September 5 Robert H. Scales, a retired Army major general, is a former commandant of the U.S. Army War College. The tapes […]

Egypt army says ready to die in “final hours” / Egypt’s armed forces have banned the president and his entourage from leaving the country

EEV: UPDATE 19:38 GMT: Egypt’s armed forces have banned the president  and his entourage from leaving the country, ITAR-Tass  reported. – Source: Reuters – Wed, 3 Jul 2013 01:21 AM Author: Reuters CAIRO, July 3 (Reuters) – Egypt’s high command said on Wednesday the army was ready […]

Italy halts austerity plan leaving EU in turmoil

Fears that deadlock will lengthen Italy’s two-year recession and spill over into rest of the eurozone hit markets across Europe Ian Traynor in Brussels, John Hooper in Rome and Phillip Inman The Guardian,   Tuesday 26 February 2013 15.38 EST Italy’s decision to revive Silvio Berlusconi’s political career was a […]