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My Cheese Grater Doubles as a Night Lite.

Study finds glyphosate in cat and dog food

Public Release: 24-Oct-2018   Cornell University ITHACA, N.Y. – Got glyphosate? Your pet’s breakfast might. A new Cornell study published this month in Environmental Pollution finds that glyphosate, the active herbicidal ingredient in widely used weed killers like Roundup, was present at low levels in a variety of […]

Mandatory labels reduce GMO food fears

Public Release: 27-Jun-2018   Consumer attitudes toward genetically modified food improved by 19 percent after mandatory labeling in Vermont, compared to the rest of the US University of Vermont As the U.S. Department of Agriculture prepares guidelines for labeling products that contain genetically modified ingredients, a new study […]

Is a common antimicrobial harmful to gut health?

Public Release: 30-May-2018   American Association for the Advancement of Science Caption Exposure to triclosan (TCS) exacerbated the severity of colitis and inflammation in mice. This material relates to a paper that appeared in the May 30 issue of Science Translational Medicine, published by AAAS. The paper, by […]

Using Tinder doesn’t result in more casual sex

Public Release: 18-May-2018 Norwegian University of Science and Technology Users of picture-based mobile dating apps like Tinder are generally more open to short-term, casual sexual relationships than the average person. But this doesn’t mean that the users of these apps end up with more sexual partners than non-users […]

Bitcoin estimated to use half a percent of the world’s electric energy by end of 2018

Public Release: 16-May-2018 Cell Press Bitcoin’s burgeoning electricity demands have attracted almost as much attention as the cryptocurrency’s wildly fluctuating value. But estimating exactly how much electricity the Bitcoin network uses, necessary for understanding its impact and implementing policy, remains a challenge. In the first rigorously peer-reviewed article […]

Commercial pesticides: Not as safe as they seem

Public Release: 8-Mar-2018   Lack of information on the effects of all pesticide ingredients makes them appear safer than they are — potentially causing serious harm to people and the environment. Frontiers   New regulations are needed to protect people and the environment from toxic pesticide ingredients that […]

Backyard chickens need more regulation

Public Release: 2-Mar-2018 Safety of birds, people at stake, a UC Davis study suggests University of California – Davis IMAGE: These are baby Chicks. UC Davis Photo Credit: UC Davis Historically, keeping backyard chickens was a response to economic hardship — whether it was in the Depression or […]

Viruses sprayed on food to help prevent food poisoning

Public Release: 20-Feb-2018 Bacteria-eaters to prevent food poisoning? Phages eliminate Yersinia from food University of Helsinki   IMAGE: “Our study can serve as a model for the prevention of other, more serious foodborne infections through phage treatment, ” says Professor Mikael Skurnik. Credit: Helena Hiltunen, University of Helsinki […]

Dietary sugar linked to increasing bacterial epidemics

Public Release: 3-Jan-2018   Baylor College of Medicine IMAGE: This photo shows Dr. James Collins (left) and Dr. Robert Britton (right). Credit: Baylor College of Medicine The increasing frequency and severity of healthcare-associated outbreaks caused by bacterium Clostridium difficile have been linked to the widely used food additive […]

Mislabeled moisturizers create problems for skin disorder sufferers

Public Release: 6-Sep-2017   Eczema, psoriasis patients have trouble navigating products with misleading ingredients Northwestern University CHICAGO — A new Northwestern Medicine study found that moisturizers marked “fragrance free” or “hypoallergenic” were not, and products labeled as “dermatologist-recommended” often came with a higher price tag. The inaccurate claims […]

Video games can change your brain

Public Release: 22-Jun-2017   Studies investigating how playing video games can affect the brain have shown that they can cause changes in many brain regions Frontiers Scientists have collected and summarized studies looking at how video games can shape our brains and behavior. Research to date suggests that […]

Bug spray accumulation in the home

Public Release: 22-Jun-2017   Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Warmer temperatures can lead to a flurry of unwelcome guests to our house – flies, mosquitoes, fleas, wasps, bedbugs and lice. Pyrethroids are a common pesticide used to repel these pests, and even though they have been found […]

High-sugar diet programs a short lifespan

“The findings improve our understanding how changes in diet and gene expression affect the speed of ageing.” Public Release: 10-Jan-2017 High-sugar diet programs a short lifespan in flies University College London   Flies with a history of eating a high sugar diet live shorter lives, even after their […]

Fluoridated water consumption linked to diabetes

“fluoridation with sodium fluoride could be a contributing factor to diabetes rates in the United States, as the chemical is a known preservative of blood glucose.” Public Release: 17-Aug-2016 Fluoride consumption linked to diabetes using mathematical models Regression analyses suggest association between increases in consumption of fluoridated water […]