COVID-19 New Drug Concerns, Research Breakthroughs And Updated Mortality Statistics

COVID-19 New Drug Concerns, Research Breakthroughs And Updated Mortality Statistics

A brief look at glucocorticoids, the Lancets updated mortality statistics, Hydroxychloroquine risks, lung treatments, viral treatment, and stem cell treatments

The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Comprehensive COVID-19 hospitalisation and death rate estimates help countries best prepare as global pandemic unfolds

Mayo Clinic outlines approach for patients at risk of drug-induced sudden cardiac death in COVID-19

Individuals taking class of steroid medications at high risk for COVID-19

Perhaps we will not need all the ventilators after all

HSC professor on team using stem cells to combat COVID-19 pneumonia

Nafamostat is expected to prevent the transmission of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)

Researchers investigate potential treatments for COVID-19

COVID-19: Stopgap measure to treat respiratory distress

Author: Ralph Turchiano

In short, I review clinical research on an almost daily basis. What I post tends to be articles that are relevant to the readers in addition to some curiosities that have intriguing potential. As a hobby, I truly enjoy the puzzle-solving play that statistics and programming as in the python language bring to the table. I just do not enjoy problem-solving, I love problem-solving and the childlike inspiration and exploration of that innocent exhilaration of discovering something new. Enjoy ;-)