Former top-security NSA contractor could face 200 years in prison ‘after stealing more than 500 MILLION pages of national defense information over the course of 20 years’


  • Harold T Martin III, 51, worked for defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton
  • He allegedly took docs as far back as 1996, keeping them in his home and car
  • Files include ‘NSA and CIA data, hacking tools and info on satellites and spies’
  • Martin’s attorney says his client was a hoarder and never intended any harm
  • It was speculated on his October arrest that Martin had talked to foreign powers
  • But that charge from his arrest was absent in Wednesday’s indictment

By James Wilkinson For

PUBLISHED: 20:45 EST, 9 February 2017 | UPDATED: 20:45 EST, 9 February 2017

A former defense contractor with top-security clearance spent more than 20 years stockpiling more than 500 million pages of classified national defense information, it has been alleged.

Harold T Martin III, 51, was indicted in a Baltimore court on Wednesday for the alleged security breach. He is currently facing one charge each for 20 documents, each with a maximum ten-year sentence.

The documents included information on the launch of an intelligence collection satellite and ‘an unacknowledged ground station,’ according to court papers seen by Yahoo News.

Martin, a Navy veteran who was working for defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton when he was arrested, is believed to have started retaining the documents in 1996, and continued up until last year.

He stored them in both hardcopy and digital form in his home and vehicle, police say. 

The acting assistant attorney general for national security, Mary McCord, said Martin ‘violated the trust our nation put in him by stealing and retaining classified documents and other material relating to the national defense’.

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