Canadian immigration site crash: Election 2016 – Business Insider

The site went down around 10:30 pm ET Tuesday and with intermittent accessibility.

The Government of Canada’s immigration website crashed on Tuesday night as the US election results were rolling in.

The site went down around 10:30 pm ET Tuesday, followed by intermittent accessibility.

Around 9:00 PM eastern on Tuesday evening, CNN announced that a number of key states in the election including Michigan, Ohio, Virgina and Florida could all swing in Republican nominee Donald Trump’s favor. And Google search traffic to the Canada story began to surge.

(Virginia has since been won by Clinton and Florida by Trump).

The top story on Business Insider is currently “How to move to Canada and become a Canadian citizen.”

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2 thoughts on “Canadian immigration site crash: Election 2016 – Business Insider

  1. Too bad for most Americans…they won’t be allowed to immigrate to Canada due to having a felony. Even a DUI can stop the whole process! It also takes months to get the go ahead to immigrate. You can’t just drive up to the border and declare that you are wanting to live in Canada…all the paperwork MUST be done prior.

    Unfortunately for Canada…all the Americans who are wanting to run away from having to clean up the mess that their last President ( who they voted for because of the color of his skin! and all the freebies that were offered) made in the past eight years….are just useful idiots for the Liberal mind set crowd.

    I suggest that those Americans who want to get out of Dodge quickly…..move to the ME, Venezuela, Greece or Great Britain. You’ll find it much more pleasant and easier to become an immigrant.

    One great thing about Trump Presidency….Nuclear war with Russia has now been avoided!


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