The Test (False) Presidential Election Results for Nov. 8th – Analysis -Requested Repost of Election results NOV3rd.

Editor’s Note ( Ralph Turchiano) These are my observations: (Requested repost from Nov 3rd.)

  1. Yes , the was a false (or test) release of the presidential results yesterday.
  2. The news organizations are saying this is a test run ( Their explanation below).
  3. The false reports currently can be pulled up on way back machine, even though the archive for the address only goes back a few months.
  4. Immediately as of Nov 3rd Today, they posted the same report with zero sum totals.
  5. Why they posted candidates election totals on the Nov 2nd and not today, is an unknown. As I do not have any experience in prepping for an election; However, I collected the HTML as well as the screen shots for you to decide.
  6. As an observation the system used to broadcast the totals to the public is highly vulnerable.


Nov 8th 2106 Election Results HTML SNIP


News organizations test their election graphics before all elections

Unpublished test election data appeared for a brief time on public servers this week for multiple news organizations that subscribe to the Associated Press election results service, including WRCB. Part of the test is to determine how the “winner check-mark” graphic and layout will appear on different platforms.

The test data appeared for several state and national races, including president. Now that testing is complete, WRCB has removed the test data stream to return results to zero in preparation for election night. It is possible the test data stream may need to be turned on again for brief periods of time as designers continue testing the graphics.

This has been the practice of news organizations for decades.