Brexit Referendum: London changing ‘Leave’ Votes marked with pencils



Thursday, 23 June 2016

The road to today’s EU referendum hasn’t been without its malice, stone-throwing and massive propaganda from the get go.
However, the latest information from polling stations caught everyone by surprise, namely the Government backed “Remain” campaign is trying to ‘rig’ the election by erasing votes cast in pencil.
This concern has gained momentum despite the fact that pencils were always provided for Brits to vote in elections and it’s never been a problem before, unless of course the vote is to leave the European Union.

In elections, you’re not technically required to use the pencil on the string provided.

On twitter the hashtag #usepens begun to rapidly gain popularity in order to spread the word. This is after voters reported polling station officials reaching for and using erasers. make things interesting, polling officials called in the police to one EU referendum polling station today to question a woman for the crime of “handing out pens” to voters.

Brexit supporter Jacqueline Jackson even filmed the moment that she was questioned by a police officer in Chichester, claiming police were called by polling officials and “Remain” voters who saw her handing out pens.

The vote counting is already under way. What is interesting about this referendum is that even if Brexit wins, the likelyhood that the Globalists will allow the UK to leave the EU are very, very low