NHS patients ‘frightened to ask for help’ as wards ‘stretched to breaking point’ With the “normalisation of cruelty” (U.K.)

Hospitals have made “no improvement” since the Mid-Staffs scandal in ensuring   patients are kept safe or treated with dignity, Care Quality Commission finds

 NHS patients 'frightened to ask for help' as wards 'stretched to breaking point'

Inspections which focussed on the neglect of elderly people treated in hospital found a rapidly worsening situation, the report says Photo: ALAMY

9:34PM GMT 21 Nov 2013

The NHS has not still not learned from the Mid-Staffs scandal, according to a   damning official report which says more than 3,000 inspections last year   uncovered basic failings at care homes and hospitals.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) said hospitals have made “no improvement” in   monitoring the quality of care, nor in ensuring that patients are kept safe   or treated with dignity and respect.

Inspectors were “alarmed” to see the way patients were treated, its annual   report says, with “unacceptable” failures to protect the most vulnerable,   and a deterioration in standards from an already poor position.

The excoriating report follows deepening concern about the care given in   hospitals and care homes, and the “normalisation of cruelty” in some   institutions.

On Tuesday Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, called for sweeping changes in   the wake of Mid-Staffs, to encourage a culture of openness, where poor care   does not go unchallenged.

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