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Japan’s population falls by record 244,000 in 2013

National Jan. 02, 2014 – 06:20AM JST Japan’s population fell by a record 244,000 in 2013, according to health ministry estimates released on Wednesday, highlighting concerns over an ever-dwindling workforce supporting a growing number of pensionersAFP TOKYO — Japan’s population fell by a record 244,000 in 2013, according […]

NHS patients ‘frightened to ask for help’ as wards ‘stretched to breaking point’ With the “normalisation of cruelty” (U.K.)

Hospitals have made “no improvement” since the Mid-Staffs scandal in ensuring   patients are kept safe or treated with dignity, Care Quality Commission finds Inspections which focussed on the neglect of elderly people treated in hospital found a rapidly worsening situation, the report says Photo: ALAMY By Laura Donnelly 9:34PM […]

Get richer, die younger: study

08   Oct  2013 Paris (AFP) We all live longer when times are good, right? Not so, according to a new study which says that in developed countries, the elderly have a higher mortality rate when the economy goes into higher gear. Even its authors are baffled by the […]

How having an operation can send you delirious: Terrifying post-surgery hallucinations strike up to half of the over-65s: “can also leave people in a permanent state of confusion and suffering from dementia”

By Roger Dobson PUBLISHED:18:46 EST, 10  September 2012| UPDATED:18:46 EST, 10 September 2012 When Gordon Sturmey came around after  surgery, he was convinced people were trying to kill him. He believed a nurse was trying to poison him,  and he soon started to think his relatives were also […]

Dangerous caregivers for elderly

Agencies place unqualified, possibly criminal caregivers in homes of vulnerable seniors CHICAGO — If you hire a caregiver from an agency for an elderly family member, you might assume the person had undergone a thorough criminal background check and drug testing, was experienced and trained for the job. […]