Another US Navy officer suspended in widening corruption probe

Another US Navy officer suspended in widening corruption probe

The US Navy said on Thursday it has suspended the deputy commander of a unit responsible for port and harbor security as a result of allegations in connection with a widening corruption probe involving Singapore-based Glenn Defense Marine (Asia).

The Navy said Captain David Haas had been suspended as deputy commander of Coastal Riverine Group 1 in San Diego and temporarily reassigned to an expeditionary training staff.

He is the sixth Navy official touched by allegations in a widening probe of Glenn Defense Marine (Asia). The firm’s chairman, Leonard Glenn Francis, is accused of plying Navy officers with cash, luxury tickets and prostitutes in a bid to win business for his firm.

Voice of Russia, Reuters

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  1. This is getting TOO Bizarre. Don’t misunderstand me. I know it goes on.
    Don’t you think at that this specific time in our History of Commander in Chief(s)…this is rather convenient for him to be able to replace those we’ve read about lately with his?


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