Info Demanded on Turmoil at U.S. Missile Base

PHILADELPHIA (CN) – A public policy group sued the Pentagon for information on why 17 military officers at Minot Air Force Base lost their certification to launch nuclear-armed Minuteman III missiles after an Air Force review in March.

Speaking Truth to Power sued the U.S. Strategic Command and the Department of Defense in a federal FOIA complaint.

It claims the Pentagon has not responded to its May request for information about the investigation of the 91st Missile Wing at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota.

That investigation, carried out by the Air Force Global Strike Command Inspector General, revealed “grave deficiencies [in] the missile wing’s operational ability to launch Minuteman III missiles,” according to the lawsuit.

It continues: “As a result of the inspection, 17 officers at Minot AFB were removed from the highly sensitive duty of standing watch 24 hours a day over the missiles.

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  1. There is more going on here. There is so much more…this will be turned ON the American People…a horrible, tragic FALSE FLAG.
    OUR Military leaders that are true to all of us will not be responsible.


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